In need of gearing advice after comeback

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    So I've recently started playing again, now mostly running MP7 either solo (rarely) or with my brother who plays Wizard. We have no issues whatsoever (Cyclone Strike into Nova, hilarious), the only thing keeping us from going higher on MP is elite's health being too high.

    I'm pretty much broke, but it would be great to know what slots should I upgrade as quick as possible and maybe if there are any relatively cheap upgrades I could get. Looking for both DPS and EHP upgrades obviously, just overall gearing up process for higher MPs.

    Thanks a lot for any help you guys could provide, really appreciate your time.
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    - Craft shoulders, bracers, gloves and amulet in that order. All 4 current items arent great at all.
    - Change non crit mempo to inna´s radiance. Much better value either with high vit or double res. With 6% cc it blows a non crit mempo out of the water so easily.
    - Change bt pants to inna´s temperance. LoH is pretty useless on higher mps. Try find a cheap with high vit and dont bother too much about the dex count. Even 8% ias is fine if its cheap.
    - Switch Ice Climbers to Nats Boots. Either with vit or double res.
    - Get a cheap nats ring with +40 avg. dmg, open socket and either res or vit on it to replace the hf ring which is kinda awful tbh. ;)
    - Get way more vit on your inna´s chest. Drop the armor roll and try find something with like +200 vit
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    Thanks a lot, will try to see what I can do with that.
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