NDE, EP and reflect damage

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    How does it work?
    More often than not I simply die when I use EP again reflect damage elites, even though NDE is not on cooldown.
    I only tag one mob with EP so there is no chance of a delayed second explosion killing me.
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    NDE will only save you if there are 2 or less reflect monsters in the area. You kill the first one, it explodes, if there is another reflect monster in the area, the damage will be reflected to you, NDE will save you from this. If there are more than 2 monsters reflecting in the area,you will die.

    Invis covers this in his speed palm guide:

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    Mh, I must've been lucky then that only one reflect was up when I survived.
    Guess I misinterpreted his mentioning of multiple explosions, makes sense in a way that it's damage from two sourcesand NDE only saves you from one.
    Too bad, as the damage comes in simultaneously it'd be nice if NDE saved from one explosion rather than just one reflect source.
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