Upgrading the monk, what to look for

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    Recently i have equipped my monk with a new set of gear, switching from the TR that bored me to hell and now i love it, no scratch that, i am amazed with it. Because of that i actually started to play Diablo 3 more now and i am willing to spend some gold for upgrades.
    I also have WKL in my stash http://imgur.com/hqJ437X and prefer playing with it.
    What should be changed on my monk.
    I have a vision of changing the head for a mempo with 4+cc, changing the chest to ina with 65+ ar and stats'a as close to the current one(150-160 dex and 80 vit + 10+ life%).
    Obviously i need to craft a better neck.Last thing i would change is a weapon to something with cd.socket,dex and ls and as close weapon dmg as this has.
    Would that changes be ok , is 450 ar i have now enough or should i try to get more(i know more is better but on limited budget its kinda hard).
    The budget i will get is around 1b, when i get back the money i loaned to a friend.
    Also a question buildwise, what would be a good one, i kinda like the one i am on now but the Way of Hundred Fists pisses me, i prefer Fist of Thunder and some dual.gen palm/bell build over it.

    Thanks to all in advance and have a good day.
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    A WKL doesnt go that well with bells. So if you wanne keep the wkl consider an explo palm build. If you dont mind using 2 rares then go for bell. Many people going for ef/rare for bells but im annoyed from the fear proc. Tbh i wouldnt spend much gold on gear atm. Your gear is already decent. I would just upgrade the gems to 54 or maybe 58. You will for sure use them even in the upcoming xpac(if you going to play it) and thus they dont lose any kind of value for you.
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