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    Hi guys, i would like to know what upgrade should i make for my monk (maybe to break the 200k dps!)

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    Ciao :)

    first u should craft new bracers and a new amulet.
    Then i think you should go for a rare ring with CD+CC+DEX+AVG

    Add me if u want Milton#2462 (ita)
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    Crafting a better neck will take alot of attempts. The high dex and avg. dmg is a huge dps boost. Gloves arent easy either since they are decent trifactor already with all res and armor roll. Same goes for bracers. Crafting an upgrade is possible but not easy at all.

    Tbh i dont see any "cheap" or "easy" way to boost your dps. I would try find a good rare ring with avg. dmg, dex, all res, cc and either ccd or ias. Find a nats ring without all res but avg. dmg on it next. Weapons with higher dps would be a nice dps boost too but i doubt you will find something cheap.
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    Your attributes are decent, dex=2973, CD=463, CC=46.5, except AR which is 501 as you do not use OWE.

    At his level, upgrade is no longer cheap. However, you can add 1% AS to the INNA pant and find a better amulet at AH.

    You might have to consider to switch to OWE to improve on AR to say 600 and lower the HP to 40k to open more room for possible boost to DPS. By changing to a single resist or double resist on some items, you can easily add avg dmg to Nat ring, more dex on shoulder, gloves, brace (lacking 100 dex), boots, etc. and more CC and AS on ring.

    Currently, your DPS is relatively low as you have dual LS wielding WKL, for which there is a hidden 20% on light damage.

    One way is of course to upgrade the DPS of WKL to close to 900, but then this may not be possible for limited budget.
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