Need some help with my monk

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    Hi so i wanted to play Diablo again but I have lil time to do it so I can only play like an hour or two every couple of days.
    While I have read guides I still don't know what to get next considering that I need a lot of stats so my questions are:
    what should I upgrade next? atm I only have 1 million gold and as I said before I don't have a lot of time to farm so I know I cannot get something really great but I think I can still get an upgrade with 1 million or saving a couple millions more =)

    how much life should I have? should I try to always stay over 30k? less than 40k? how much life can I lose for some extra damage/resistance?

    what monster power it's ideal for someone with my gear?

    While I have seen some builds like the nirvana monks or the tempest rush one I don't know what build is better considering my lack of gear

    ( the real money AH is not an option for me )

    Any tips are welcome =)
    here is link of my character
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    First off, the build. Tempest Rush I believe is the way to go at early paragon levels. Get yourself a good 2H Skorn as the slower attack speed will help you burn less spirit per second while TR is active.

    As for gear, the most common advice I've seen, and what I followed starting out, is try to get yourself a low cost 3 or 4 piece Inna's set. Chest, Belt and Pants I believe are the most common combination. 3 pieces will give you +130 Dex (2 piece) and Increase Spirit Regen by .33 Per Second. 4 Pieces gives you 10 Life per Spirit Spent but more important than that it reduces the cost of Sweeping Wind by 70 which is great for keeping 3 stacks of SW active while running to the next pack of mobs.
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    Nice to see you enjoying monk.

    I play the typical cookie cutter build as I enjoy it a lot, I would recommend it first as it is (obviously) the most powerful build and will give you a good idea as to what to compare other builds to. With the new exp changes it seems that grinding higher mp levels is better so this might be a good way to start (also keys). The benefits include great dps buffs and offensive power (heal, blind, mantra and even serenity), high defensive power (heal, serenity and blind), good mobility (thunderclap but takes some getting used to) and cyclones which is a no brainer.

    As you only play a little I would say that paragon levels don't mean that much to you, however Diesel's TR is definately a good build to try.

    As for gear definately go Inna's 4 piece. While it's not the best you can get some great upgrades and the 4 set bonus is awesome you may never even want to take it off (I only just have). ps the 3 set bonus is terrible and should be changed.
    Other good ideas for a DW build is an echoing fury (BIS but if youre low on cash try one with just dex and crit hit damage no socket). Ive also found the butcher's sickle to be a really good off hand if you can get it with high dex e.g. 180+ and some crit. It comes with lifesteal which is useful once you hit 100k dps +
    Craft your shoulders/bracers/gloves to start with as they are cheap and powerful. Once youve got decent ones go for amulet.

    Aim to get your crit up to around 45-50% first as your wind directly benefits from it. Dex is also a cheap way to get dps (and protection visa dodge) as it's less valued than trifecta stats. Then aim for crit hit damage and attack speed. Socketed weapons is a great way to add big dps with crit hit damage but can be expensive.
    Make sure you also run some life on hit until you hit about 100k when it starts to switch over to life steal. It makes all the difference.

    As you said 30-40k is a good hp range depending on how well you play (skills keep you alive) and your defensive stats. Aim for resists in the 400-600 range to make it easier. Armor is also extremely valuable but underrated by a lot of people.

    I'm not sure about what MP you should be playing but it's likely low around 2-3. Just do the highest one you feel comfortable with and can get through efficiently. Don't bother farming keys at MP 2 or lower, theorycrafters say its simply not worth it (think 1 in 5 vs 1 in 3 etc.). Smash some exp, grind some elites, collect essences and craft some rad gear. Then hit MP3-4 and start doing some key runs.

    I know you said the rmah isnt an option but gold is MEGA cheap. If you can think about dropping just 5 (or even 1 or 2) bucks on it, you'll get something like 150-200mil that will let you buy some cheap upgrades and craft to your heart's content.

    Hope this helps. Feel free to add me.
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    I'm no pro but I try
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    thanks a lot for the replies! I will try that Tempest rush build and go try to get any of the Inna's pieces then!
    also I just got the Infernal machine ring ( my friend helped me and gave me the 2 millions ) but I lose around 1k dps if I equip it, so I was wondering, does the fireball proc makes it up for the 1k dps loss?
    thanks again for all the help!
    edit: I almost forgot, about the Inna pieces because I'm going to take a while to get them is there any order I should get them? which ones are better to get first?
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    Quote from opachopp

    does the fireball proc makes it up for the 1k dps loss?

    The fireball proc does nothing on inferno, however the ring does not have a level requirement and it oneshots almost everything on normal :D.
    1k dps loss is not much, though, probably worth it to get the 35% increased experience. Also you can farm keys and let other people help you with the ubers to farm for a better ring, if you so desire. Many people are happy to kill the bosses for you, if you provide the machines, since it means free organs for them.

    edit: I almost forgot, about the Inna pieces because I'm going to take a while to get them is there any order I should get them? which ones are better to get first?

    You will lose a lot of hitpoints when going for Inna's pants, they don't have any defensive stats by themselves and they are expensive with vit or resistances. Same for the chest piece, one with decent vitality or any resistances comes at a price. Helm and belt are way cheaper to get, I would aim for these at first.
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    For like 2 or 3mil i could build you a set capable running mp4/5 on a decent pace without dying much at all. Starter gear is like for free on ah atm. When it comes to certain "dps-breakpoints" things start gettin costly. If you manage to farm like 2mil im willing to spend the rest of the gold if needed for a decent starterset. ;)

    Some tips in regards building a "cheap" but decent set.:

    - Inna´s Radiance with high vit(+150) and stacking resist
    - Cheap vile wards with dex , vit roll and if you can afford stacking resist
    - Rare chest or blackthorns with +200 vit, all res, some dex, maybe stacking res and open sockets
    - Rare pants with high vit, all res, some dex, open sockets and stacking resist.
    - Inna´s Favor with stacking resist. Just get a cheap it realy doesnt matter that much if they come with 7 or 8% holy damage on a low budget.
    - Rare gloves with +100dex, +8,5% crit chance and either +30% crit damage or 8 attackspeed
    - Cheap nats ring with one of the following stats: stacking res, %life,, vit or open socket
    - Nats boots with +100 dex and stacking resist
    - Rare ring with crit chance(+4), crit damage(i would say at least 25%) and dex. If you can afford with avg. damage on top
    - Cheap +160 dex unity
    - Cheap neck with dex, crit chance(+7%), crit damage(+50) and either avg. damage, vit, %life or stacking res if possible.
    - 2 weapons WITHOUT socket. Try find some cheap with just dex, crit damage and +2,5% lifesteal on each. Prefer a spear, mace or axe as mainhand and a sword/fistweapon as offhand. Aim for 900+ dps on both.

    Some of the items listed above are like 100k buyout on ah. Its defo possible to have a nice starterset for like 2mil.

    Oh and one last thing: Currently you have all type of 2nd resists on your gear which is pointless. Owe with Everything is meant to stack a choosen 2nd resist. Lets say you manage to get like 500 fire resist then your other resists are bumped to 500 as well thanks to OwE. :)
    Words of wisdom: Don't follow the advice of people who won't have to deal with the consequences.
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    Forgot one thing: If you are short on gold...Farm mp10 normal mode for like 2hrs. Pick up ANY yellow item while farming and check ah for stats of those. I sold alot of low level items for a few hundred k gold each. Some for a few million. :) Yes there are lots of people willing to spend a good chunk of gold for a low level item. :P Best place is act1 or act2.
    Words of wisdom: Don't follow the advice of people who won't have to deal with the consequences.
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