Gear a monk - $1bil budget

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    I want to be able to play Mp10 with friends of mine. I've recently just hit 60 last night and am not 100% sure what I am doing just yet, I found a few guides but nothing is concrete.

    Could you help upgrade my character so that it would be MP10 viable for around a $1 billion gold budget? Obviously less is better but I'm willing to purchase that amount.

    Any help is much appreciated!

    Edit: URL to characters gear provided in next post
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    Quote from mattyfaz

    Edit: URL to characters gear provided in next post
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    For MP10 you will need way more ehp. Your resists and armor are fine but your vit count is awful low. IMO you need at least like 550 more vit. AIM for +45k HP with current resist and armor values.

    Things i would upgrade/change:

    - Inna´s Pants: Get some with high vit and standard dex roll. Something like 170 vit with 98 dex and 9% ias.
    - Inna´s Chest: Get a chest with like +90 vit, 12% life roll, a bit higher dex and nearly perfect poison res roll(+55)
    - Inna´s Radiance: Get one with single resist but like +170vit and dex on it.
    - Amulet: Get a neck with avg. dmg(like 40), dex, vit and cc+ccd. Your crafted neck isnt too bad but stil have alot room to improve. You dont need the loh on it cuz you got double ls weapons.
    - Bracers: I would go for high vit(aim for +130), double resist, 5-6% cc and some dex on em. Dont pay too much for this item cuz sooner or later you will start craft BOA items and proberly replace em with crafted ones.
    - Gloves: You got a huge dex roll on it but lack a decent ccd roll. Aim for +150dex, some vit+poison res, +9% cc and like 40% ccd. Again dont spend too much on those. You might craft an upgrade yourself.
    - Replace your Unity with a ccd one. +40 avg. dmg, +160dex and like +25% ccd.

    Use as much vit gems as needed to reach +1k vitality and an amethyst for the helm. Get 100% crit gems for your weapons and 50 dex gems for your unused sockets on armor. I havent checked the us market for a few days and not sure about pricetags on items over there but im pretty positive you dont have to blow your whole budget on those upgrades.
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    Apart from EHP upgrade, your dps is pretty low too for MP10, aim at 200k+ unbuffed even with WKL.

    Upgrade your WKL to 900+ dps with 22%+ additional damage, what you have at the moment is only 850+ with 17% additional damage, or replace it by a rare weapon 1000+ dps similar to the MH. Nat. ring lacks CC or CD. General upgrade by crafting or purchase from AH at various slots as indicated by the last post. Of course replace all gems with 100% emerald if not 110%.

    You should aim at 50+CC, 500+CD, 3000+ dex and 2+ AS as DPS stats for MP 10.
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