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How is the Monk a mix of Assassin/Paladin?

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    Can someone please explain to me how the Monk is anything like an assassin and paladin mix? From what I understand, the monk is a fast attacking, high damage dealer with low armor. He has combo skills like the assassin so that makes them somewhat similar. But the assassin wasn't as fast as monk nor was it as much of a damage dealer as the monk is. Plus people are forgetting the assassin martial arts sucked and weren't very fast (except maybe a couple..) and the assassin had traps. But here is what drives me crazy though, how is the monk anything like the paladin? Paladin had high defense from holy shield and maybe defiance if you used that for some reason. Paladin only had one quick spell which was zeal, and could hit reasonably fast with fanaticism, and he used auras that helped the entire party. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the monk has no auras that effect the entire party nor does he have high defense. I think people are just saying he is a paladin mix is because he has some sort of religious background... I can't remember if they said the monk uses holy damage or not also. If anything the monk is somewhat like the assassin.
    How come the monk can't be just a new class, come on people no matter what class is released people will always somehow find a way to link them to a previous diablo character that only had like one spell in common. (same with WD and necro.. they are hardly identical they just uses "darker" spells like the ability to summon a creature. I bet if instead of the WD they released a different character with dark powers some idiot would have linked it to the necro to..)

    Please provide evidence if you are going to try to prove me wrong kthx. feel free to say whatever :cool:
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    Palas are Holy, Monks use Holy.

    Thats the similiar thing. And you cant take everything to deep because then nothing makes sense anymore.
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    Alright lets compare. Monk has Martial art skills. Assasin has martial art skills

    Monk has holy skills. Paladin has holy skills. Thats how they are similar. Dont go into the skill thing because all the skills are going to be diffrent. for all your Trans Siberian Orchestra listening pleasure
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    Where does it say the monk does holy damage? I only see things that say the monk is holy.
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    The dev said that the Monk works for justice just as the pali did
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    I think the monk is more similar to the assassin then the paladin. They have the same "gameplay" archetype (they are both the combo class).
    His like a assassin without Shadow Arts but with Holy powers. His inner sanctuary and the blinding thing looks pretty holy to me.
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    from another thread but relevant:
    Quote from "psyfect" »
    For those having difficulty identifying the similarities:

    • Charge (Dash).
    • Zeal (Multiple hits in quick succession).
    • Battling in the name of a higher authority.
    Monk [Paladin Similarities]:
    • Way of 100 Fists Attack 1 (Dash).
    • Way of 100 Fists Attack 2 (Multiple hits in quick succession).
    • Battling in the name of a higher authority.
    • Fist Weapons
    • Martial Artistry
    • Death Sentry (Corpse Explosion)
    • Charges used to release major attacks (Phoenix Strike; 3 charges)
    Monk [Assassin Similarities]:
    • Fist Weapons
    • Martial Artistry
    • Exploding Palm (Corpse Explosion)
    • Charges used to release major attacks (Exploding Palm; stage 3)

    first chain level of monk's seven sided strike also reminded me of the assassin martial art skill dragon flight, and the blinding monk skill reminded me of the assassin shadow discipline skill cloak of shadows or the necro's dim vision curse

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    Yeah, it's pretty obvious to most people how similar the classes are. More likely than not the OP is just feeling butthurt because he unrealistically wants every class to stand on its own as a completely unique and innovative creation, when in reality they will always be compared to previous Diablo characters, if not those of other games (to which, interestingly enough, the OP conceded within the same fragmented sentence).
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    There are many similarities between the two as long as you dont look at what isnt the same. No, the monk does not wear heavy armor and shield and no the monk does not have traps or shadow magic. The monk is quick and so was the assassin. If you dont think the assassin was fast then try playing one with maxed burst of speed. Obviously they have the same type of combo system in place with hand to hand combat. AS far as the pally, it is mainly due to the fact that he is holy just like the pally. ( @ 3:54) Also, the monk has runes which from what I understand are basically stationary auras. Anybody in the AoE recieves the buffs or debuffs. I think this is a great twist on the auras because I personally did not want them back in.

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    @ OP
    Ok I see what you mean but you need to widen your view. You are looking at it just from the gameplay view but forgetting about the characters background. As far as I know no one is saying that the monk is like the pala in terms of gameplay. In terms of gameplay, the monk is kind of similar to the assa and in terms of the characters background he is kind of like the pala - holy man, devoted and very loyal to his beliefs etc etc..
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    The D3 Monks background, skillset , gameplay and look share similarities with many classes in many games.

    One would even say he is similar to Uncle Frank.

    In the end, it is not important.

    Gameplay-wise, he is your average "holy" magic-using and "spell" (if you'd like to call his abilities spells)slinging Martial Artist with a religious background and strong faith.

    One can clearly see how some people find him similar to priests, clerics and paladins (due to his faith) , while the skillset/gameplay can remind people of the Assassin, A fighter from Tekken, Final Fight and whatnot.
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    the simple answer is he's fast and holy
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    to make it short.... the both chars can be drawed in aspects of what the monks ability has been shown so far... u might see something else within the nexts blizzcon events....
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    Am I missing something?

    Why no one mentioned that both paladins and monks use auras/mantras?
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    Why do we care if monk is a mix of whatever?

    No trolling but seriously I never played d2 and i feel so damned nice that i can enjoy diablo 3 without make any comparisons.
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    Quote from Zoth

    Am I missing something?

    Why no one mentioned that both paladins and monks use auras/mantras?

    Mantras are little different than auras, compared to D2 paladin auras. You need to activate mantras, and they work only for limited time. And 3 sec. after activation they have more effectiveness. But honestly, these changes are too minor, so yeah, you're right!
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    Please, do not necro threads. This discussion is from 2009.

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