[Monk Event] Dashing Strike!

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    Hey fellow monks! I'm really excited about our new event. It's is completly funny and awesome. Lets see our details of new event;

    Dash! Dance with Fallen Maniacs:

    This event is totally up to dashing strike and our spirit generator. How it will work?

    We're starting keep depth 2 door and then dashing every mob.. Cause there are a lot of mobs to dash. Purpose is reaching keep depth level 3 door with only dashing strike. You guys scared about fallen maniacs right? It's true thats why it name is Dash! Dance with Fallen Maniacs. You need some luck also! Not that easy!

    Example build for event: http://eu.battle.net...onk#a.d!ZbX!Y.b

    - You should only choose 1 spirit generator to generate spirit for your dashing strike. Runes are up to you.
    - You should only use dashing strike on your active skills. Runes are up to you. Other skills should be empty.
    - You can't use near death experience on your passives.
    - Your passive skills up to you.
    - You can only join this event with your own gear. No special items for it.
    - If you die before reaching keep depth 3 door, you shouldn't resurrect yourself. Otherwise you will confusing another players. You lost this run.
    - If two players reach keep depth 3 door same time. Run will be start again without paying offers. Tie
    - If you reach door first. You will be winner.
    - If other players die and you survive before reaching keep depth 3 door. You will be winner automatically.

    Offers for Competition:

    First offer should be at least 250.000 gold.
    Other offers are up to you. If you deal you will pay highest offer for this run.


    First monk: 250k here
    Second monk: 500k here
    Third monk: 1 m here
    Fourth monk: deal
    First monk: deal
    Second monk: deal

    Deal: 1 million gold from each monk

    If someones says ''not deal'' offers should be started again for this run.

    Total prize: 3 million gold to winner as 4 man monk party!

    More details; http://eu.battle.net...opic/7338914701

    Waiting your feedbacks.
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