500M budget ... Let's make me a better monk xD

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    As stated above, i have 500M budget. I would like to use this to get my monk to 200k + dps and can handle mp10. :P would that be possible? please help me
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    you need better bracers with all ress on then try crafting, also better ammy, try to get a mempo, i would use Nat's combo (the boots and the ring) if you get the mempo then you need a Inna chest good luck

    Take at look at my monk and get an idea

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    i just upgraded my stuffs .. still got 300m to spend -_- idk what I should do to increase damage and my survival in high MP :( i want to farm in mp10 :P
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    You're going to need alot of luck on Shoulders and Gloves, if not bracers to stay under 300M. I got where I am with about twice the budget that you have, and I'm still not close to 200k DPS. it winds up being a toss between Survivability and DPS, where if you invest in the first, expect to be killing slower. Having both just simply requires an enormous budget.

    You're looking at items with more perfect rolls. Attack speed on the gloves, Higher dex shoulders, possibly a mempho with 5-6% crit. An Amulet with 80+ crit chance, better Nat boots, more dex on the belt, etc.
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    thx for the input :D
    really helpful
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    I guess you have changed more of your gear. your dps is good enough for now but your ehp is only 300k which i guess will not be enough for a cyclone build as you will be standing up close and center with elites.

    Your AR is at 650 or so which is more than enough. But your HP is only 39k. Might want to get that around 55k or so. And instead of blazing wrath why dont you use foresight? you get 18% buff plus another 8% from combination strike. or use serenity.

    This is my profile:

    I can do mp10 just fine. arcane being my sole single nemesis :P

    also tyrael's might helps a lot in act3 .

    keep using the d3up, d3rawr, fiddle around with different skills and work it out instead of buying this and that :(

    I would say lose the nat set for now and get an IC and a rare ring with ias and cc. The IC with dual resist, vit and %life are just available for under 20mil these days. pick one up. Your EHP will be so good. But try it out on the calculators and work it out if it will suit your play style.

    happy playing :)
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