Tips/Armories of monks?

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    So, I'm just coming back and heard a rumor that suddenly monk is strong! Apparently these buffs are nice, so while it's not my Witch Doctor I wanted, I can still return to my second favorite - monk :D.

    For my birthday my friend tossed me 400M to come back, and I haven't the first clue as to what to put on this guy. I checked the "Complete Monk Guide" and noticed it's a few months out of date, and only lists 3 pieces of gear anyways... so, here I am asking for some tips - maybe even some armory links. :)

    What build is strong now, and what are our "best in slot"-esque gear pieces, outside of BoA crafted pieces? Thanks for your time answers and time! :)
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    Well first of all congrats on coming back to the game :) and i wish i had friends like you do :D

    Anyways, that sticky on the top is what helped me on the right path.

    So before getting into gearing and for uber monks in here to suggest good items for you, have you made up your mind regarding the build you would like to be playing?

    The Tempest Rush build will be good for xp gains and farming at lower mp levels.
    Cookie cutter build with a bell thrown in would be good for higher mp levels.

    That is the general norm, but there exist some uber players running TR builds on Mp10!

    Me? I play a hybrid cookie cutter build on MP10 for keys. Arcane is my nemesis :(
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    The build I use is quite nice, I just made it up few days ago, it's essentially a cyclone/dual wield build but it replaces Fists of Thunder's Thunderclap rune with Quickening , and breath of heaven with cyclone strike, and the Blind/2nd generator is replaced by Wave of Light + Pillar rune. Basically you use Cyclone Strike few times to pull all enemies to yourself, and while doing that keep Fists of Thunder pressed, that basically gives you insane amount of spirit regeneration. So once you're almost full spirit, what you basically do is pop mantra and spam the pillars, and use Cyclone Strike if mobs try to run away or get knocked too far. Been doing MP10 runs for few days since I started using this build and it kills trash mobs quite fast! Works really well in parties too with HoTA barb and CM wizards.!UbX!YcZbca

    My armory:
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    Got help from someone in game, went with
    The belt has a replacement already, just waiting on the bid to go through. Gonna craft gloves and amulet. Have a bid on a few offhands. With this, though, I'm having a ton of fun. :) First time I've been able to do over MP4, playing in Mp7 and 8 :D.
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