Returning to D3 going Monk

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    Hello d3-fans.

    Im planing to return to d3 and go back to play my monk (been away for about 8months.

    When i left the game i decided to sell all my gear so currently my monk has 0 items.
    But around 4-500mills to spend.

    So my question here is.

    To be able to solo act 1-2-3 on a few monster power, what stats shall i go for?

    How much All resist
    How much haste
    How much damage
    How much life leach

    Hope some will help mere here :)


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    Depending on how you want to build your monk the stats required vary. I currently don't have much resistance which is a flaw in my gear atm. I use the resistance mantra to boost my AR to about 480. However my dps is 120K which allows me to slaughter through all inferno acts on mp3 comfortably. Not that impressive, but it is a good starting point for me.

    Since you are looking for a goal around the same area as where I am at, I'd say to power through inferno on mp1 you want to push around 50k dps, and maybe 250AR. Of course that all varies with how you intend to build. The 50K dps benchmark is a good goal to start with and shouldn't be very hard to get with 500million to blow.

    Browse the AH for items with crit dmg, chance and attack speed. Sometimes people really under value items like that and you can snag something solid for cheep. With luck you could probably get well over 100K dps for the gold you have.

    FYI: Get a witching hour for your belt. This is not an option.
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