Help me get rid of my Echoing Fury

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    I like the damage on my EF, but I can no longer stand the fear since I play with friends a lot. I'd like to replace it with a different type of weapon, but I'm not sure what the best alternative would be. I have no problem with buying a different second weapon as well. I was considering a WKL and The Fist of Az'Turrasq but I have no idea if this is the best route. I mostly do high MP farming/Ubers. Thanks for any input you can provide!

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    Lol that is an sweet-ass EF!
    I had one too but replaced it with WKL :-) But i am actually trying to get a EF again, cause of the damage, but also because the +aps works wonderfull with LOH :-)

    Also, i dont get why you wanna replace it when you mainly farm ├╝bers and high mp.. :-)
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    Quote from Kring

    Also, i dont get why you wanna replace it when you mainly farm ├╝bers and high mp.. :-)

    EF is perfectly fine for ubers, but for high MPs - especially when you're in a group - it's just so absolutely annoying to send those mobs running like 70% of the time and thus ruining everyone's DPS, because you can no longer Aoe them down as easily.

    A WKL is the most obvious alternative to an EF, but you should never expect to get anywhere near the DPS that you did have with an EF. I can feel your pain there :
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    To OP:

    You should remove OWE from your passives. I looked at your gear and you only have 2 items with single resistances on them... and they have diffrent resistances too...You only gain 48 more resistance from that single poison res on your braces.
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    I have different weapons I "hot swap" in and out from. If you can afford a second weapon without selling that EF, I would do that. Ubers for the most part aren't affected by fear and even if they are, the area is typically small enough that you can corner the uber.

    I run into this problem consistently as a CM (I need enemies to stay in place or I'm worthless) and that's what we do. I make anyone with a fear/knockback attack to not use it until we have the enemies locked in place.
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    Thanks for the replies, looks like I cant get away from the damage of an EF, but for group play I may still go with a WKL because the fear is unbearable.

    and thanks Elendiro, I'll look into changing that until I can get more consistent resist on gear.
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