How To: Farm Mid-High MP Without Life Steal

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    Video Uploaded to show how effective a Low Budget (10m) Life After Kill Skorn can be when DE farming in MP7 (8 Elites in 5 Minutes). Run is slower than using my LS Skorn (Run takes 4 minutes instead of 5), but is still surprisingly effective for the cost. In MP5 where mobs have less HP, I can get practically the same farm rate (8-9 Elites in 3 minutes) as using my LS Skorn for 1/30th the price. LS Skorn is basically still required for even higher MP Elite Farming and Uber fights though.

    My overall Stats aren't very high for MP7 (160k DPS, 337k eHP), yet the run is still quite smooth.
    Too casual to upload anything new these days.
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