Monk Ideas <3 1.07

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    Hey all. Just wanted to say I'm really enjoying 1.07. Crafting is so addicting, which leads me to...

    Please give me some input on gear ideas for Flonk the Monk. I only have 30 mil and maybe 20-30 mil more on the ah if it sells, so not much I can buy atm but any ideas on what to save up for would be great.

    I have LS weps and switch in some life gems for ubers and higher MP farm that only loses me like 10k paper dps, but I dont even do that often, just mostly doing the standard mp 2-3 super speed farm. I also have a TR set of gear but to be honest its not my cup of tea, I go just as fast in my current setup teleporting around.

    Mostly wondering what to focus on crafting next between; Ammy/Shoulder/Gloves/Bracers.
    I got pretty good dps rolls on them but i feel like im slightly too squishy with only 430 all res
    and of course could always use more life.

    So yeah just looking for some feedback on what to focus on next between what to save up for, and some crafting input.

    Also I was into a clan maybe a month or so ago but it fell apart rather quickly (which was unfortunate because it was some pretty cool peoples) so if anyone wants to add me or there are any groups or clans out there just add me, I got vent/skype whatever former WoW player ect

    Thanks :D

    Edit: Wanted to add my btag just so its easier in case you want to quick add me its Freaver#1784
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    Hey mate, not too bad from what i can tell .

    I would suggest trying to make bracers, they seem to be the easiest to get good rolls on, maybe necklace next, Yours is pretty nice but lacking AR / Life % .Gloves will be the hard one. urs have a ton of dps and like no EHP, so yeah that will be a mission..

    There is mine if your interested to look
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    Hey man, thanks for the input. Seems like a good plan to go for bracers then ammy. I added you.

    Any other feedback or ideas?

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    I'm in the same situation as you and have a budget of 30M to improve my DPS.
    If you have any ideas (save up, new weapon ?), here's my profile :

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    your monk looks cool, you might want to replace that run speed passive tho, pritty sure cap is like 24-25 or something
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    I see a few ways you could gain paper and maybe some useful dps. If you want to increase your farming power for mp3-mp6 you can get a two hander with 200 crit damage and a socket. A Skorn is ideal but you can probably get a good rare for under 20 mil (with LS) if you look for a while. You could get an innas chest and then get a perfect roll Andi's helm. About 50 mil for the 2, but you would lose resist. Another way is a nats ring with haste and crit dmg. Not too expensive depending what the other stats are. This stuff will increase your paper damage a lot and is still very valuable with your current build as well as a two handed farming build.

    Narkle save up for a decent life steal weapon than move on to belt, boots, ring.
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