How to build a 3mil gold gear set for a monk

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    With the recent patch 1.07 alot of people seems to return to diablo3. Others just might wanne gear up a new character without spending tons of gold. So here is my guide about how to gear a monk with like 3mil gold and get a decent set. Ive build this set on eu server but im pretty sure you can get similar items for the same pricetag on us servers as well.

    3mil gold is kinda fairly easy to obtain without spending endless hours of farming. You can make them just while leveling from 1 to 60(without gettin boosted by a friend). Im not going into details right here. There are lots of guides/how to about it.

    So lets get started.

    First off here is a screenshot of my ah purchases:
    I equiped all the gear and made a d3up profile:

    Base stats with my paragon level31:

    DPS = 56k unbuffed (would be like 52k without paragon levels)
    HP = 34,5k (would be aprox 32k without paragon levels)
    Resist = 599
    Armor = 4,6k
    Lifesteal = 2,5%
    Life on hit = 1k

    I got all items on buyout and none of them on 1d12hrs. Most of them were listed for at least like 3hrs and some for more then 1day. With these stats you are able to farm mp2 on a kinda fast pace without worry too much about dying at all.

    When going for a small budget gearset you have to follow some basic rules of thumb.

    - Always keep your budget in mind
    - Choose your stacking resist wisely
    - Dont overpay for a given itemslot
    - Benefit from cheap but decent legendaries for some slots
    - Dont bother with open sockets other then helm. Gems cost alot and for items like pants and chest you have to spend way more gold then without open sockets. Its not worth a few extra stats from gems to pay like 4 or 5 times the amount of gold for those pieces.
    - Dont buy weapons with open socket on low budgets. You cant afford a decent emerald anyways and overpay most likely for the socket.
    - Get the core items first and equip them to see what your stats looks like. I consider these items as core items: Helm, Chest, Pants, Belt, Boots, Bracers and Shoulders. You get most of your hp and resist from those.
    - Make sure you get 24% movementspeed from items! To farm efficient its common sense that movementspeed is king. It improves your farming by alot.

    In detail why i bought those pieces.

    I went for fire resist because of two legendaries: Cindercoat and Fire Walkers. Both are fairly cheap and provide a decent amount of stats, resist and in terms of fire walkers 12% movementspeed.

    1) Armor Part1:

    - Helm

    You want an inna´s radiance. The helm offers all we need for a good budget helm. Its fairly cheap and provides all the stats we need: Dex, Vit, stacking resist, crit chance and open socket for either a ruby or %life gem.

    - Chest

    The cindercoat is the only chest i know which can get a double roll on a 2nd resist. It always come with all res, fire res, %life roll one of 3 magic prop(str, int or dex) and 3 random affixes. You can get a decent amount of dex, hp and resist on one piece even without having sockets. A decent is approx 300k gold

    - Pants

    Just go for some cheap rare pants. Try to get like 300 statpoint(dex+vit) and +100 resist(all res + stacking res). You can get these for like 100k.

    - Belt

    For this slot you have to pay a bit more. If you cant find an inna´s favor with your stacking resist within your budget just go for a strength roll on it. 1 point strength equals 1 point of armor which isnt bad at all. The 2pc bonus provides 130dex which makes the belt a solid dps item for your gearset.

    - Boots

    Like the cindercoat they always come with a fire res roll. Another good set affix is the 4% reduce from melee attacks. Along the main stat(either str, dex or int) they have 2 random magic prop. Its fairly easy to find some with vit and all resist. They are pretty cheap and you dont have to spend more then like 500k.

    - Bracers

    Since you get enough vit and resist from other pieces you dont need rare bracers at all. Im always going for cheap lacunis without crit for this slot. They provide decents stats, stacking resist, attackspeed and 12% movementspeed. For less then 200k you can get all what you need.

    - Shoulders

    With the recent patch many people starts crafting the new bound on account bracers, gloves, shoulders and amulets. Thats the reason why even "good" vile wards droped so much in price. The market is floated currently. You get a decent dex count along with +70 all res and armor roll on vile wards. If you are lucky you can find a cheap pair with stacking resist or strength roll for more armor. You should get enough vit on other pieces and be able to skip vit on shoulders. If you are short on vit you have to consider rare shoulders with lower dex and without armor roll.

    2) Armor Part2

    Since we got enough hp and resist from your core items we can focus on dps/damage stats on gloves, neck and ring.

    - Gloves

    Just a pair of rare gloves with +100 dex, +7,5% crit chance and +40% crit damage. If you find some with vit, armor or stacking resist prefer those over lets say 10 or 20 more dex. Dont spend more then 100k for gloves. There are lots of cheap gloves on ah atm.

    - Ring1

    The unity provides a huge dex count, 4,5% crit chance and high avg. dmg along with some life on hit and a random roll. Dont bother with the random roll. Just get the cheapest +150 dex unity on ah. If you can get higher avg. dmg for like 50k gold extra go for it. Avg. dmg is a huge dps boost and helps alot.

    - Ring2

    Just get a cheap rare ring with dex, +4,5% crit chance and some crit dmg. Those a realy cheap.

    - Neck

    Same as ring2. Just get a cheap rare amulet. I went for crit chance and attackspeed but crit chance and crit dmg works as well. Amulets are realy cheap atm for the same reason vile wards dropd in price.

    3) Final part: The weapons

    - Mainhand

    I already mentioned it but yet again: Dont bother with open socket! Try to get like 1k DPS with some dex and +70 crit damage on it. Try to get a black damage weapon (http://www.diablofan...a-black-weapon/). This way you benefit the most from inna´s belt.

    - Offhand

    You need some sort of life sustaining and thus we need a few things on our offhand and have to sacrifice weapon dps for it. Since our damage output is not high enough just for using lifesteal im going for the following things on my budget offhand:

    - +500 life on hit
    - some life steal
    - +70 crit damage
    - some dex

    You can find both main and offhand in the 200k gold price range. Most people just looking for sockets on weapons and overlooking those without socket.

    I hope this is some sort of usefull for a few people. :)

    kind regards
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