My take on the Hnad of Ytar build (with plan run)

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    Hey guys just thought i'd show the people of this forum this video which shows my new monk build using Hand of Ytar in the new patch. Also the video shows where i do my plan run. If anyone has any suggestions on how to improve my build, run or gear either comment here or on the video, thanks in advance.

    P.S. i only have a few mill to spend on upgrades but i am happy to hear suggestions for items to save up for as well :)

    My Character :

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    I can appreciate the effort that goes into unique builds so I do not mean to be negative about this video, but it makes me want to make my own video as a response (though I likely won't because... well... that's work) because my version of a Lashing Tail Kick (I run scorpion sting) build has been working out very well and I have to say, this video was rather painfully slow (run speed-wise) to watch in comparison to my personal experiences with the new lashing tail kick.

    I have a feeling that those who view this video will dismiss LTK as a gimmick but I can assure people that with some better gearing and spec management, it can become extremely powerful. I run overawe and fists of thunder with cyclone, but as you typically are using a 2her for LTK with the -LTK cost, tempest rush is a necessity for mobility and scorpion sting is great for locking down elites. I typically use exalted soul, guardian's path, and OWE as my passives, and with fists of thunder as a spirit generator, you can quickly find elites and destroy them with LTK.

    I'd suggest adding tempest rush to your build at the very least for quicker runs, and dropping some of your spirit generating passives and skills as you tended to sit with full spirit most of the time in the video anyway.

    Regardless of the criticisms I had, I enjoyed the video and hope you continue them.
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    Thank you very much for the contsructive criticisms and i'll try out your suggestions :)
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    @SolusCoda After trying your suggestions i feel like the build you are describing needs a lot higher gear than i have to work effectively, even though clear speeds were slightly increased (no difference with elite kills but trash was killed quicker) i died a lot more due to being in melee range and i dont have really high armor and resistences that feel necessary for your build. Overall i like your build but i dont think its for me unless i spend a lot more on my gear.

    (sorry for the double post)
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