new monk, help me out? where shall i go from here?

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    low budget, however i did dump close to 120 million to deck her out. any ideas where to take it from here? i can buy gold later, also have a decent tempest rush set, but not quite enough dmg to make it worthwhile

    pointers plz :D
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    If i counted correctly your missing like 10% crit chance on your neck, rings, gloves and wrists combined. CC usually =about 1.5k dps per % point. You also need some vit badly. Any thing past mp1 im afraid would eat you alive. You also want to try and get you atrack speed up to about 2aps. Replace your mh weapon with a echoing fury and that should get you there. I advise using, it will allow you to see how items change your stats so you can make sure items will give you the increases your looking for. Feel free to reference my toon. Hes not the best but does well in mp6 groups.
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    seems like every piece of gear from here is a 60+ million upgrade. think i'l stick with my wiz for now and just tempest rush with monk lol
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