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    Hey, been playing TR monk for 2 weeks now. Paragon 43 as of making this. I am a little squishy but fine on dps, looking to get a hellfire also since i need more xp :(. Got 30mill to spend on it right now. Please let me know what to change next, im a little squishy so was thinking of getting life steal skorn but will lose a lot of dps...

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    Freebie: don't use Cyclone rune for SW. TR and Cyclone does not work well together.
    Either use Inner Storm if you're short on spirit regen, or Fire Storm for increased dmg.

    TR's low proc coefficient is way too low to make any use of cyclone at all.

    Just my opinion, but you want to ditch that natalya's ring. Attackspeed is bad for TR, as it drains your spirit faster. Much better to just get a +dmg +cc ring in it's place.

    You can also very easily get a skorn with LS that will perform better. Be aware of the part where minimum damage on the weapon is far more important than average dps, and you're fine.
    My skorn is 1136 min dmg , 5.9LS - higher than that becomes very expensive...

    Biggest upgrade you can do right now that I see, is to get +dmg on your amulet.
    Replace the nats ring with +dmg +cc.
    And to solve your squishy problem I would highly recommend 12movespd Ice Climbers with high vit and life%. I didn't use a LS skorn for a long time for TR, as low-mp farming just isnt that big of a deal when you have 50k hp and 400 allres. You could try getting some more allres (like bracers, inna pants, gloves)

    Don't worry about your paper dps for TR. Unless you aim to use it for Ubers as well after incoming patch - which fyi: is now just as viable as WW for ubers.
    Somewhat silly, not really a good fit, but it works...
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    But surely I need natalyas along with my boots for the +7 CC?
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    The advice he gave you is pretty solid, you should go with it instead of questioning it.
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    Your Nat ring doesnt have crit chance anyway change it with something with around 5 CC sou youll lose only like 2 CC thats nothing for TR.
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    Quote from wheunis

    Freebie: don't use Cyclone rune for SW. TR and Cyclone does not work well together.

    This is not necessarily true. Druin over at the official forums has done extensive SW tests.

    Per his testing:

    Quote from "Druin" »
    Through personal testing, I have determined that ~42% chance to crit with Tempest Rush seems to be the cutoff where Cyclone starts to be clearly better than the other Sweeping Winds runes.

    One of the single biggest issues people have with Cyclone is that it doesn't "feel" very good.
    This means that when you use Cyclone in a TR build, even if you are above the required 42% chance to crit, you will often "feel" like it isn't doing very much.

    I can say that I have found the same through my own testing; if you have enough crit, 42%+ before SoJ, SW:Cyclone does out perform firestorm, but it really doesn't "feel" as good.

    You may actually net a slight TR dps boost by swapping to a nice crit + avg dmg ring (mentioned above) and either shoot for ice climbers with MS, OR you could get decent Zuni's boots (high dex + vit + all res), the + poison damage works great with a Skorn (a 'black' weapon).

    One thing not mentioned above, it seems you have fairly low Spirit regen from gear, only 3.16 (SoJ, Inna's head, Inna's Set bonus). Really you want to get north of 4.2-4.5 spirit per second. Seems like such a small difference, but it makes a very tangable change in your runs because you don't have to stop to hit stuff to regen spirit at all, just TR all the way though. I'm currently at 4.1 SpS and i do run out once in a while and am aiming to get north of 4.5 if i can find a different SoJ without breaking my bank.

    Next, you can get LS, its really good at keeping you alive, but really, especially for low MP farming, Life after Kill is VERY effective for sustain since you'll be plowing throw mobs so quickly. Before I picked up LaK on my ammy (I also have a LaK Skorn not equipped) i would have to kite reflect packs. Now, as long as there are other mobs around the reflect packs I can usually just plow through them.
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    Thank's for the great feedback guys. I am thinking of getting ice climbers and a normal ring after u upgrade my gems, of which i need 10mill to do. Then i think ima save up for around 50mill+ so I kind spend 20mill on ice climbers, 20mill on a ring and 10mill on another gem. Right now I also had the rune on SW which gave me more spirit gen. But it's now changed back to cyclone due to the recent comments. I also found that slightly more beneficial. As if I come across elites and i have no seven sided then i usualy stop to hit them which gives me enough spirit anyway. Only time i would need to hit when I shouldn't be is after i have died. I looked in to the ice climbers and ring which gave me something like 7k more dps and 2k more life, yet i lost 25mill and 1ms. I'm probably going to do that later as I said. Anyway I have only leveled once today :( So I'm back to farming. Thanks for all the answers and keep them coming!
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    @Bitzieee - gear-wise, here are a few suggestions. As others have noted, the presence of IAS gear makes TR more expensive. You have to generate more than1 extra spirit per second because of Nats ring and Inna's pants. I get why you would want to hang onto the ring given the 2 set bonus - no doubt a significant chunk of DPS there. If, however, you change your boots, then there is little point hanging onto the ring for TR. You're better off getting a CC/CHD/Av Damage ring, or a hellfire with crit if you want the experience. Iceclimbers are hard to beat for EHP, but for TR, I think it's hard to go past Zumi's - 8% damage with the black skorn damage is huge. Speaking of skorn, if you are on a ~30m budget, I would recommend you get a life on kill skorn with high damage (say 180% plus) and 300 odd dex. Life on kill, as Turdragin has noted, is really effective on low MP - it can also be had for the fraction of a price of an LS skorn.

    In the longer run, you might want to look at getting more spirit regen on your gear. Given that your SoJ's TR crit/bonus to elites is perfect, I imagine you won't be wanting to change that soon, despite its relatively low spirit regen. That leaves your Inna's helm as the one to upgrade.

    Skill-wise, I would suggest the following: ditch beacon and exalted soul for guardian's path and chant of resonance. I would also suggest switching MoC's rune to submission, and ditching serenity for something to buff your sweeping wind - either blinding flash (pre-1.07) or breath of heaven (post).
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    Thank's for all the suggestions guys, got some vile wards and lacunis today, lacunis worth 30mill and vile wards worth 35mill so shall see how they sell then buy some ice climbers with a gem.
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