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    Getting closer and closer to paragon level 100 and still playing with my 60 para gear. I think im like CHECK-MATED with my current items. Can anyone help me out? What's first in order to change? Budget izs - let's say- unlimited (only gold).

    Thank you.
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    I would think getting a nice pair of Vile Wards with cold resistance would be an upgrade. Also, maybe look into getting a Witching Hour if money isn't an issue.
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    I used to wear WH (and still in stash) but it I prefer 4set Inna
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    Have you considered Lacuni's?
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    My immediate reaction upon looking at your profile and your comment on limitless funds is that you should upgrade your gems. Vile ward is needed as well, as someone else said. You've got the wrong res on your current shoulders and you could do with far more dex on them.

    Your bracers look like the weakest link in your set. No vit and lower res. You can also get higher dex on them.

    I'd also invest into a better amulet. If you have as much money as you say, you could get a trifecta or get some vit/res on it as well.

    Your inna's chest also can get more vit.

    Your EF could use a better +attack speed roll and damage, unless you want to go all out and get crit or LS on it.

    Your offhand could be better. I found a similiar axe at 840 dps with 98% crit, socket, and 2.9 LS for 5m on the AH a week or two ago so for an unlimited budget, you can get more crit and way more damage.

    Of course, you should take all of my upgrade suggestions with a grain of salt. The next patch will allow you to build strong items such as the amulet or bracers, but then again, because of that, "good" amulets are CHEAP right now.
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    considering just optimizing your current gear and not care about gold efficiency AND maintaining the 4 set inna (and assuming you stay a FoT/thunderclap+cyclone monk), i would go for the following options:

    i would rearrange your inna parts. get +150 vit on pants or 250ish vit on chest and get proper resist on the other parts - that would result in more hp and resist (and get 8% holy dmg on belt). also try to get a vit roll on boots and bracers. that in total will allow you to ditch the life% roll on the helm and get a +10% sweaping wind roll there.
    then i would rearrange the lifesteal to the echoing fury and get a won khim lau as offhand with decent critdmgroll+socket and as close as possible to 25% increased lightning dmg.

    sweaping wind roll and affixes from the WKL would boost your eDPS by alot.

    your shoulders and gloves are very decent. tho ofc possibly to be upgraded with high budget items with better rolls

    apart from that the obvious choices: get decent trifecta on all dmg slots. =P
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