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    Just got back into the game. Been out for about 4 months. I need to regear and have about 100 million gold to spend. Any and all help is appreciated.
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    I would start out by either getting a pair of Natalya Bloody Footprints(170-200 Dexterity + your resistance as they are the cheapest/best in the price range) and a Natalya Reflection(80-160 Dexterity,30-60 Average Damage,Vitality/Resistance/Socket anything is good as a bonus if possible) or solid pair of Ice Climbers with movement speed which is essential and a good ring cause your second ring is pretty weak.You should also consider upgrading those bracers with a Vitality,All Resistance,Dexterity and Critical Chance pair which isn`t that expensive nowadays.

    Rings and gloves are also pretty weak as they got Critical Chance but they don`t have Critical Damage, even if they have Attack Speed, always remember this: Critical Damage > Attack Speed.So try to upgrade them aswell along with your Echoing Fury which is pretty Weak.

    The rest is simple after, you get a better pair of shoulders, better Inna Vast Expanse,Temperance,Radiance and a Witching Hour if possible/you want,the amulet is pretty good for now.
    That would be the upgrades, i forgot to mention, as offhand you should get either a Won Khim Lau with socket/lifesteal if possible or high Dexterity/socket or a 700-900 damage,1.3 or higher Attack Speed,70% Critical Damage,2.5%+ Lifesteal,Socket,Dexterity(if you can afford).
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    So i upgraded a few pieces. I bought a WKL but did not like it. Any more suggestions on upgrades to make it so i can farm mp5? I have 90 mil to spend on upgrades. Alot of the upgrades suggested so far just dont seem worth the cost. Not trying to be cheap but a decent pair of ice climbers were 50 mil....
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    Zero LS or LOH? Good luck on mp5...
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    he has 82 loh. should be fine.... LOL
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    I don't want create new topic so i write here. What I should upgrade next ? I thought about witching hour but its quite expensive. My budget is ~20 mln
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    Wow, what a bunch of ***holes, read the thread title. Gear advice not be a dick advice.
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    Your gear isnt that bad, you just need to focus on a few things:

    - Im a firm believer that all jewelry should have some average damage. Dont be overly fixated on the trifecta way of doing things. Trifecta is nice but you would be better served focusing on average damage, dex and 6 CC on your rings. Average damage, dex, >8.5 CC, > 60% CD on your amulet.

    - Upgrade your gems, especially the ones in your weapons. I dont know your budget but do consider it.

    - Boots: You need MS. Your stats are good but MS also helps in your survivability. 12% from Innas pants is nice but 24% would be better ;) If you cant swing new boots, then use the FF passive.

    EDIT: I just noticed your AR level.Youre gonna need to bump that up into the 650-700 range. Once your DPS gets a little better then you can afford to let it drop off a bit if need be.
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    Quote from hevensm0ker

    Wow, what a bunch of ***holes, read the thread title. Gear advice not be a dick advice.

    You might rethink your attitude if you are asking for help. Anyways some items i would replace in the near future.

    - Rare ring with poison res

    Try snipe a nats ring with avg. dmg above 40 and either vit or arcance res.If your are lucky on sniping those are like less then 4mil. Prefer the res on ring since you can gem for vit if needed!

    - Get other gloves

    You current gloves got a decent dex and cc roll but the ias roll is a bit low. Gloves with similar dex, arcane res, vit and cc and ccd roll are like 2mil You will trade like 20 dex for +70 vit and a bit more res

    - Your offhand

    For sheet dps its not bad but i would go for different stats. Using the cookie cutter build only like 25% of your damage is offhand weapon damage. So havin a good dps offhand is nice but not needed at all.

    Axe/Sword or Dagger:

    - Open socket
    - +50% ccd
    - +2,7%ls
    - +400 loh
    - If possible some dex

    In the 700-750dps range you will find decent weapons for like 3-5mil. Yes you will loose a bit of sheet dps and ccd but you can easily make up the ccd on your neck...

    - Neck

    Go for avg. dmg, high cc and ccd and try to fit in some dex. Since you got loh on offhand and vit on gloves you dont need the %life and the loh...Amulets carry alot of dmg modifiers and you better get em here.

    - Boots

    Your current boots are nice in terms of stats but lack the movementspeed. I would go for nats boots. Yes those arent that cheap and you should replace ring and boots together. Decent with arcane res and without vit are like 15mil. Yes you will loose a bit of dex but getting the 2pc bonus which is worth it over all.
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    Ty for the help
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    Just a update, little bit every day :)
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    Ok so the usual here guys. Now im shooting for 150k dps. Standard cookie cutter build. Any idea's? Please be specific because im at a loss as to what to replace next.
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    i would be happy to help you in game

    we can check out items and ill help you find good deals..Add me in game Drogo#1167
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    Just another update. Im finding it difficult to raise my dps and keep my eh from dropping. If any one has any thing that would be a upgrade let me know.
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