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    Hello all,

    I took a break from D3 shortly after the ubers released, I'm back and kinda lost as to where to go with my monks current gear path. I'm sword and board and wanting to switch to dual wield, I don't have the dps with my dual wield to support no LoH (4.7%LS, 680 resist, 70k dps w. breath up) and I can't seem to figure out what to really upgrade, the last thing I got were the nat's pieces and I'm planning to get an inna's belt/legs soon. Any other ideas/suggestions you may have for me?

    My toon:
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    - I don't like your nats combo, all you get from this is 1% more crit over a decent rare ring at the cost of several lackluster stats on two slots.
    - currently you get a lot of defense via jewelry, you'll have to adjust there. Look for higher average damage on your necklace and a second trifecta stat on your ring.
    - don't bother with Inna's unless you're certain what your midterm goals are. You won't see any real increases from shifting around mediocre rares for mediocre legendary but you'll have serious problems with your hitpoints if you use Inna's pants over your current ones.
    - if you feel vulnerable without life on hit.. just get it on your jewelry (lifesteal won't cut it until you doubled your dps).
    - you must aim for another 150%+ crit damage (base stat + socket) on your weapon to see a big gain in addition to fixing your low crit chance (ring, amulet)
    - just don't swap to dual wield if you don't have the weapons to begin with it, easy as that. Another shield will offer more stats (dex, hitpoints) and a decent amount of defense (armor, resist, block) on top 10% crit and still cost almost nothing compared to a dex/socket/lifesteal/critchance weapon with decent dps. There's no shame in using a shield to be honest.
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    Thanks for all the incite, I ended up hitting a brick wall with my current gearing path and I kinda realized that now, I'm going to go into tweaking my jewelry to being strickly offensive and redo a few pieces to more defense, EG: my inna's, etc. Getting more resistances and vitality.

    That and I need a weapon.
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    Nice to see another arcane monk :). I was in the same boat as you bro. Check out the thread gear advice that i started.
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    Didn't want to start a new thread for my own gearing question...

    I can easily TR MP0 but would like to make it even easier or be able to TR on MP1.
    I have 50m-75m to spend and would like tips on the most impactful, one item, i should get.

    I know the boots are a little weak, but that was the easiest place to pick up some +health globe and +pickup radius since none of my other items have either of those.
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