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    Greetings fellow monks,

    after writing some guides and from the replies (like "nice guide, what should i buy now?") i realized, that written guides are mostly an information overkill.

    so i try a step by step video approach now and hope to archive that ppl will be able to judge gear and upgrades by themselves.

    so check out:

    or the playlist directly:

    the guide is a work in progress and will cover going from level 1 to MP10.

    so far getting started, get ready to kill MP5 ubers and AH tips, effective healthpoints and effective healing is covered.

    upcoming will be how to gear for low MP XP farming, general info about elite affixes and how to handle them (reflect dmg) and higher gearlevel options.


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    part 4b and part 6 uploaded.

    part 4b is about how to handle elite affixes that are considered harder and i showcase a low budget dualwield option to kill MP5 ubers.
    part 6 is about low mp farming with tempestrush. i focus on the gearing part here, but give some rough into about the spec itself and showcase a full A3 run (speeded up on trash), so ppl with little experiance with TR can get the idea. i am using a spec that works with the set i did build for the guide tho, there are tons of good guides around how to optimize and tweek your TR spec according to your experiance and gear.
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    part 7a and 7b uploaded and ready

    its about weapon setups and how to build DPS in theory and i do explain how to build a "dps cube" and showcase that on a 10m budget set (which came out to be 100k dps on my monk, while still be able to do MP9 with it).

    there will be a 7c part upcoming with more details about the sustain setup to chose (aka LS, LoH) and possible statcombos for dualwield setups.
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    finally found some time to get another part done. 7c uploaded and ready

    its about the sustainstats and a compairsion of LoH and LS with suggestions what sustainsetup to pick.

    will try to get a part about possible wep combinations for dualwielding done and want to get a part out about midgame and endgame armor combinations and how they work out.
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    Very nice videos with useful info!
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    part 7d ready and uploaded

    its about some well working stat combinations when building a dualwield setup and an example scouting.

    part 8 will be about mid-/endgame options for armor combinations with explaining and showcasing how the certain combos work out. so you will get a good idea what to aim for for your desired playstyle.
    part 8 will probably complete the "series" then.
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    part 8 is ready and uploaded

    its about some higher armor options you can go for as monk. going through the benefits and downsides of certain combinations and showcasing how certain combinations will work out on your statistics.

    this part kinda concludes my "series".

    hope the guide helps some of you to invest your gold in the way that suits you the most and to not get frustrated.

    gl with your gearing. =)
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    Thanks for the tut.
    Its bookmarked for later viewing :)
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    will be adding footage about pvp.

    currently i got the "trailer" sorted. the following part b will be about my experiances so far with pvp on my monk on the testrealm, what i think the best pvp specs will be and how to gear for that.

    enjoy! =)
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