Coming back after a few motnhs of non-play, feeling lost

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    Hey there,

    After not playing for a few months, i really felt like playing some D3 again. With this gear, i can reasonable farm MP3, but as i have some gold left (have 35M atm), i want to upgrade. My character:

    Not, the most obvious to me is, especially when looking at other monks, is that i have to go for some set items. I guess i should get Inna's pants and maybe the belt too, and i realize the Natalya set for the +7% crit is fairly standard as well.
    However, that is one of my big problems, because it seems that almost every item (except the ring) that i have is in itself better than the payable set items.
    Furthermore, as for the other gear, it seems to me that the stats are a bit random. My amulet can have lots more dps, but i'm under the impression i need the LoH.
    There are some other items (pants and rings) that all have high Vit or Life%, while the bracers, although being dps gear, has high resists.

    So long story short, i'm afraid i have misplaced good stats on the wrong items, but i might (and hope) i am wrong. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, especially what item is best to replace 1st.
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    Tx for the 101 views! Apparently the question is quite hard. I have to admit that the youtube videos i found after posting this at least adresses my worries a bit though , so i'll see how far i come and let you guys know :)
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    I was in the same boat as you were and came looking for advice. You can check out the thread i was using. Its in monk forums tagged as gear advice. After reading what was written and some research i bought some items. Here is a link to my toon and go check out that thread.
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    Quote from hevensm0ker

    I was in the same boat as you were and came looking for advice. You can check out the thread i was using. Its in monk forums tagged as gear advice. After reading what was written and some research i bought some items. Here is a link to my toon and go check out that thread.

    Tx very much mate. I decided to look up myself on that site and look at the differences between our toons:
    To be honest, i don't understand a lot of it.
    Basically, you have more than half of my dps added (i have 51k, you have 81k) but as far as dps stats are concerned, you only have:
    +300 dex
    +12.5 crit chance
    + 3 attackspeed
    - 20 crit damage

    According to the spreadsheet, that should make a difference of
    300 * 26.19 = 7857
    12.5 * 1,136.85 = 14200
    (AS vs -20 critdamage cancel each other out)

    That means i still have 8k dps unaccounted for. Now the base damage of your weapons seem much higher, but i have no idea why as the base damage and # of attacks are approx. the same.

    So, any idea what i miss here? Tx in advance :)
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    I hate to say it but you should consider replacing almost 100% of your items. I know that sounds expensive, but gradually you can do it. I'd look into investing in inna's set items with your chosen resistance at 45-50+. You can get lucky and find some (relatively) cheap inna's that will provide you with a massive damage boost as well as the set bonus, which will allow you to keep your sweeping wind up all the time.

    You desperately need to invest in better gems. The 54 dex ones are the most reasonable. You will need even more when you switch to an inna's set.

    I'd also suggest completely replacing your rings / amulet. You have Lifesteal, which will improve drastically if you focus on damage in these slots. Look for high crit chance (5-6% on rings, 9-10% on amulet) and crit damage. LoH or your chosen resistance is a bonus if you can find that as well. I'd also try to sneak some attack speed in there if you can.

    You mention you can't afford equal stat inna's items. I suggest you not try to match stats. The set bonus, crit bonus, +% elemental dmg, and the attack speed inherent in the inna's set will make up your difference in damage (except you will lose vit).

    Hope that helps.
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    Tx for your answer Solus. Replacing 100% is quite tough indeed, and even though you give me some pointers, it is hard to start out. But iguess i'm going to focus on the sets 1s then.
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    ye, rares were the way to go back then. now legendary dropchance got buffed and you can up your MF quite much with monsterpowers. so all in all legendaries dropped in price and its worth going for setpieces actually.

    stay off the natalya combo. either you got the BIG budget and jsut want to get top gear and overpay, or you get better stats for your bucks with proper rares or good standalone pieces.

    in your case my shopping list would be:
    - similar amulet with poison resist and possibly some bit
    - blackthorne chest+pants with decent resists (will result in a dps loss probably to your current pieces, but gain alot of hp and resist)
    - gained resist/hp on chest/pants will allow to drop all resist on gloves and get much better ones for lower budget
    - switch weps to "black" weapons (min max dmg affixes instead of magic ones)
    - get zunimassa boots.

    overall huge EHP gain by resist+vit and dps gain from boots and better rolls on gloves
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    well, maybe

    would be an option for you (its kinda the endresult of what i suggested for you)

    (tho i think my armory shows the wrong gear atm, so check the statscreen link there)
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    I like having high vit over high resists. Once you start getting a good set with resists you will find out that having more vit is what is needed to farm higher mp levels and that will cost you even more gold since you already bought the items for $$$ of gold. Then when you play higher MP levels you only need to switch out ruby gem for amethyst for the extra life %.

    First off you should try to get a 800+ dps Won Kim Lau with socket and LOH(cheap)or LS(expensive) and around 20% lightning dmg. The dps boost is really good with Cyclone. Your LOH is too low. Try to get it above 900 since your dps is too low for LS to work well. If you get the WKL and around 600 LOH you only need about 300-500 LOH on the rings and amulet which are easier to find.

    Your HP is too low. Change out Chest for some with Vit. The reason you need more HP is because your crit chance is lower than 40% and it takes some time for the cyclones to proc. During that time your HP wil be going down too much for your LS to regain your health back. And your LOH is too low to sustain attacks and then you need to move which will most likely cause you to die since your HP is going down and one little attack will take you down. Change your Amulet for ones with high Vit/Dex and two of the three (CC/CD/IAS) with + dmg.

    Like someone suggested, get a new set. I did. Started out as a cold monk and changed all my armor to fire after seeing a profile that had a cindercoat with 150 resists 100 dex 200 vit and extra sockets. Snagged mine on AHfor 400K buyout. The pants with 175 vit resists and sockets are cheap 300-500k.
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    Thank you for the advice. I have made quite some improvement on the dps, from 51k to 67k dps, i spend 14M to do it however, which might be too high. I mainly went for the Inna's set because i might decide to go for a TR build later on (i have a reasonable Skorn for it) and the set is sort of a must.

    The improvement is at the cost of about 200 All-Res, which is a pretty tough price to pay. I have the idea goes faster (i'm MP3-4ish), although i always die 1 or 2 times now. I'm thinking about getting my old Amulet back as the LoH is indeed to low now.
    Largest improvement i need now is i think the weapons.
    One question about that: Assuming i don't go for the Won Kim Lau (if i can find a reasonable priced one i will go for it), i heard that it is good to go for weapons without elemental damage (black weapons). Will this actually matter a lot?
    Tx for all the reactions so far!
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