Skorn vs Dual Wield Question

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    I've been thinking of picking up a Skorn just to mix it up every once in a while since I see some top end monks using them.
    I use for all my comparison needs. When I equip a skorn i've had for awhile (1370dps, 301 dex, 259 total CD), d3up shows i will get a massive dps increase (40k+) and when i hover over it in my stash in game it also shows what will be a massive increase. However when i actually equip it then i lose dps. so my question is, how would i go about getting an accurate preview of my damage with a skorn so i don't spend all sorts of gold on one only to be dissappointed when it doesn't increase anything? on d3up i've tried un-equipping my offhand and then equipping the skorn but it still isn't right.

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    Try out
    So far it's always been accurate for me, also it's pretty good if you just want a quick comparison.
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    Don't know whats wrong but my calc says 11k loss with skorn (, check Set 2's Mainhand Weapon Damage and % Damage Bonus numbers because they could be different for your Skorn)
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    thanks. that looks like what i was getting in game. so i plugged in the stats from a Skorn being used by a top end monk (Tokio) and i would only see a modest (~8k) dps gain if i were to spend hundreds of millions. guess i will stick to my dual wielding!
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