Monk Gear Upgrade questions

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    I don't do horrible DPS (111k unbuffed) but I still don't solo play outside of MP4 very often (otherwise RD owns me).

    I know I probably need to get a 2nd weapon with LS.
    And, I've heard about WKL over and over but I guess I just don't understand how equiping a weapon with 130 less dps will be helpful.

    I apologize as I obviously don't understand everything that goes into the true dmg calculations and what things are better than others...

    I'm just curious what ppl might recommend upgrading. Any time I look to upgrade something it costs 100M and I sitting on about 3M atm. I just not sure where I can currently upgrade given my current limited bankroll.

    Do I need to change gear entirely (do I have things that should be primarily DEF and I have DPS or vice versa)?

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    Get new rare bracers. Only upgrade within your budget which makes sence.
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    Actually, I think your problems stem from a lack of resistances. You should look into more all res + chosen res combos. By improving your res, your LS and LoH improve.
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    Thank you.
    I'll look into the Resistances.
    Maybe I'll need to reduce DPS to improve resistances..
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