Monk aiming for MP5+, need a bit of help

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    I recently started playing SC again after a HC completion and a subsequent break. I have done quite a lot of farming recently, and I have upgraded my gear a lot.

    At this point, I feel that I have met a breaking point. I'am able to solo farm MP3-4 without any major issues, other than a few deaths here and there. But, I'm not sure where to go from here, gearwise, in order to be able to farm higher MP levels.

    I'm taking s*** loads of damage from electrified, molten etc, and I don't have any real life regeneration. Should I aim for LoH, LS? And if so, what items would be preferable? I'm a bit short of 1100 allres with mantra, and I'm quite happy with this.

    Furthermore, I'm not sure if I should cut down on vit and life%, and how I most easily can boost my damage from this point?

    More Dex, IAS, Critdmg, or Crit%?

    Btw, I know that I need more movement speed right now, and some pickup-radius as well.

    I can't link my profile, since this is my first post in this forum.

    Any suggestions?

    I hope you guys wanna help my out, I really love this forum :)
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    I never understand why people don't just link to their account when asking for someone to review their chars.

    I take it you're on EU on something, because all I saw was two empty chars?

    I'd be happy to offer my advice if you would link to your account.
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    My char:
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    1100 all res is bit too much for mp5.

    I'd start dropping some of that all res and going for few dps upgrades. Get Inna's temperance (legs) which will give you tons of dps cuz of the ias, crit chance, and 130dex 2 set bonus. I'd change your rings and amulets with ones with Dex and at least 3 of the following 4 stats: Avg.dmg, Crit chance, Crit dmg, Attack speed

    Avg.Dmg on rings and amulets increases your weapon dmg, and you benefit lots from this stat from having a weapon with +Min damage and +Max dmg as oppose to +X-Y Magic (Fire/Lightning) damage. Attack speed will benefit your Lifesteal (if you get some lifesteal weapon), Crit chance (faster attacks = more crits). And with more crits, if you have big crit dmg your dps gets multiplied even more.

    Get crit chance on your bracers, and at least 2 of the following 3 stats on gloves: Crit chance, crit dmg, attack speed.

    And also since you're around 90k dps unbuffed, i'd go for Lifesteal 3% or more. Lifesteal is more of a well rounded regeneration system in my opinion, it benefits from all dps stats like attack speed (faster dmg = more heal), crit chance (more crits = higher heals), crit dmg (bigger crits = bigger heals). Whereas LoH only benefits from Attack speed. And also if you get Mantra of Conviction + Overawe, you buff your lifesteal even more. and also kill stuff faster.

    My monk has about 200k effective dps, and I was dying easy on mp7 with LoH on my offhand weapon. But since I switched my offhand to 3% lifesteal (no other life regenration), i can comfortably farm MP7 with about 6k armor and 600 all resists, 37k hp.
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    You don't have any lifesteal or life on hit on you? Damn, how do you survive (oh wait, 1100 all resist and 60k hp, right). Get 750+ life on hit on an amulet, or a weapon with life steal or life on hit, and you'll notice the difference big time! I'm comfortable at 550 all resist, 5500 armor, 40k life, 110k dps, 1500 life on hit (one weapon, one amulet) up to MP5. For MP6 and MP7, I switch out my belt (adding 100 all resist and 8k life) (and sometimes also helmet, adding another 100 all res) when facing reflect damage mobs. The rest of the mobs are no problem. For MP8 and up, everything is doable as long as they are not reflect damage mobs. My mitigation is not high enough on MP8+ (even with belt and helmet) to sustain the damage (unless if I'm really careful of only hitting one at the time). Getting 3% lifesteal on my second weapon (on top of the 1500 life on hit) might be the solution!
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    Great guys. It seems like, that I have invested to much into getting allres on my gear. I will try focusing on correcting this in the future, and get som lifesteal/loh together with some dmg.

    Would it be a good idea to go for Natalya's Bloody Footprints and Reflection ring, for the crit bonus, IAS, movement speed and melee reduction?
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    Depends on your budget really, I'd go for Natalya's set if I had the money, cuz I don't want to buy cheap bad rolled stuff just for the set bonus, because that would be waste of money as I can get equal or better dps with my current stuff. If I want to really "upgrade" my current boots and ring with natalya's that will cost me hundreds of millions.

    Movement speed from gear is capped at 25% by the way, so you can only get 2 items really with 12% move speed, anything else is just wasted stat. Most people now go for Inna's legs (12% move speed) and Lacuni Prowlers bracers (12% move speed) for move speed. You can add Fleet Footed on top of this to get to 34%.

    Or you can always get Inna's legs and normal Boots with 12% for move speed as lacuni prowlers with dex, ias and crit chance are quite pricy.

    As a dual wield cyclone monk, you should also look at investing in a good 1000+ dps Echoing Fury as that's currently best weapon at the moment. it has +0.25 or less attack speed modifier which also adds that speed to your offhand. I bought my 1118dps EF with socket and dex for about 10mil. The ones with 1000+ dps and socket and lifesteal will cost you 100's of millions.

    Currently the best combo for dual wield cyclone monks looks like:

    Mempo of Twilight with IaS and Crit chance and socket
    Echoing Fury 1h weap with 1000+dps and socket and dex (lifesteal if you can afford it) + Offhand with lifesteal and high dps
    Natalya's boots + ring (ring should have at least 3 dps stats really: Avg Dmg, IaS, Crit chance)
    Inna's Legs + Chest
    Witching Hour belt with Dex/Ias/Crit dmg
    Lacuni prowlers bracers with ias + crit chance

    All other pieces are as good as you can get them I suppose.
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    Just started to gear my monk, mp3 right now. I got some of Zuchi advices, its working pretty good so far, thanks alot!
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