How bad is my monk

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    Hey all.

    I've just started farmin for some legendaries but its a slow process for me as my gear stinks. I would love if someone could take a quick look at my monk and point out where I could start my upgrade.

    Thanks allot.
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    Save up like 4 or 5mil gold and build a new set. You have to replace all items anyways.

    Some tips in regards building your set:

    - When using OwE(which i strongly recommand on lower budget) make up your mind which 2nd resist you wanne stack. You got all kind of 2nd resists on your current gear. Try to find most items without all resist and just stack your 2nd resist. Its alot cheaper.

    - If you wanne stick with TR then avoid ias on gear. It just raise the amount of spirit regen you need! Its a pain in the ass to run tr without innĂ¡s 4pc and some sort of spirit regen on gear. So you might rethink your build and switch to "cookie cutter build". Its a bit slower for farming but way cheaper to build a decent set.

    - Havin mf on gear is NOT worth it on low budgets. You will loose way to much "good" stats in trade off for the mf. Farming safe&fast > magicfind!

    - Try to get 24% movement speed on gear to boost your farming speed.
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    Here's my Monk, it's sort of at an early stage in the process but does pretty good for (currently) Paragon lvl 17.

    IMHO, unless you are going with a top end Skorn, dual weapons is the way to go.
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    Thanks for this guys. Some good tips
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