Won Khim Lou or shenlong's

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    Hi i was wondering if anyone here can help me decide on new offhand weapon
    i was searching ah mainly for won khim lau because i think this would be best option but i need yours oppinion on that.

    i have inna's belt which has 8% to holy and Won's have 6% to lightning im guessing i recive either holy or lightning dmg bonus ( in this case 8 from betl ) and this 6 % will go where ? anyone could explain this situation ? maybe it is good to combine these 2 elements ?.

    or if this is bad combination what should i buy ?.

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    As has been stated before on this forum, +% to element damage is a flat damage increase of your physical damage. This means that if you are using a "black" weapon (meaning it has no elemental damage, only physical) the +% lightning damage increases your weapon by that percentage. +% lightning damage does not affect your lightning skills. The +% to lightning skills on the Won Khim Lau DOES affect your skills, so if you find one that has +25% it will drastically improve your sweeping winds : cyclone and Thunderclap.

    Essentially, if you have a "black" weapon, you should look into +% element for the pure damage buff. It can significantly increase your damage. If you use a weapon with elemental damage, even if it is lightning element, your +% to lightning won't affect it, and only increase the base physical damage.

    Not sure if I typed that out in a way that makes sense, but I hope that helps explain it a bit.
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    Echoing Fury you have mainhand is a "black" weapon so y ou must grab a WKL by all costs :Thumbs Up:

    ego boost : here is mine
    main hand no elemental damage was the reason for WKL

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    even the lower dps like 820 will result with great dps buff ?? ( non displayable on player sheet) :)
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    I have the Shenlong set it works pretty good, I've recently got my Monk going again and am concentrated on Life + Spirit generation.

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    Quote from Kakakarot

    even the lower dps like 820 will result with great dps buff ?? ( non displayable on player sheet) :)

    Yes it will, just add 20% of your dps if you're using thunderclap and SW cyclone.
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    thx :)
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    I think you can't go wrong with either set. Personally I'm a shenlong's user (both pretty much perfect stats *brag* :D ), and wouldn't swap 'em for anything. I also expect (hope) there will be an increase in value of LoH for PvP/duel, hence my choice.
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    shenglong set does mediocre damage unless you get the really expensive sets with high crit and sockets. WKL is cheaper and does more damage if you get a high lightning damage % and a socket.
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    thx i have WKL and im happy with the results :)
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