Re-styling my monk, need help

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    Hello all,
    here is my monk :
    i need help improving it. Actually i'm wearing Leoric's signet, but usually i use this ring for the crit chance bonus

    Destrezza= Dexterity
    Velocità di attacco= Attack speed
    Danni da colpo critico= Critical hit Damage
    Rigenera 222 punti vita= 222 Health regen

    my budget is very low in fact i need help in that too... I'm at 30mil now
    My questions are:
    1)How can i improve it?
    2)How much cash i need to get mp10 alone farming? (actually i can get upto mp6)
    3)What's the best way with my monk to make some cash?

    p.s. in fight i can get upto 112k dps, buffed

    thanks for your help, :)
    forgive my english, its not my native language.
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