Monks, how much armor and resists you got?

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    I've always run with barb or wizard, but I'm gearing up my first monk and I'm curious to know from experienced monks what amount of armor/resists I should be looking for. In particular for low MP act 3 farm runs and high MP key/uber runs. I guess it's always a case of "the more the better", but I'm looking for an approximate minimum value to aim for.
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    My sc monks armor is at 5400 and mlvl 3 is easy. Don't forget LoH, it makes those runs a ton easier or even lifesteal on weapon. For hc you can never have enough resists and armor let alone health to make up for lag spikes. What i've gone by was mostly 30k damage for mp0 and add 10k per mlvl. At 100k damage you could do mlvl 6 w/ ease as long as you have some defense to back it up. Hardest boss to solo is Kulle/Siege because of all the cc. Havn't tried solo in a while but w/ 60k damage I kept hitting enrage after I killed one.
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    4700 armor 500 all ress 70k paper dps mp5 easy, mp9 killable before enrage, mp10 hitting enrage at 15% +-
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    around 5k I think 830 Allres with ~164K dps unbuffed ( only with scoundrel
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    I have 5k armor and 580 resistances. I have no trouble on any mp, but I also use alot of LoH and LS.
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    I do MP7-8 with 550 resists and 5k armor with 5.2% lifesteal, +60-70% IAS, and 110k unbuffed. IAS+LS really helps
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    43600 life
    675 res
    4860 armor
    5,7% lifesteal
    136k DPS unbuffed

    decent mp10
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    4800armor 650allres 7800dps unbuffed and I run mp10 for keys, haven't tried ubers yet. 60second mp10 azmodan kill so I imagine ubers will die well before enrage.
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    Low MP speed/farm runs 423 allres 90kdps (527 all res if i'm sleepy and and just want to face tank without thinking too much)

    High MP key farm 720 allres 86k dps.

    I don't know how much armor i have. i usualy don't have any +armor i just have the base value on gear.
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    590 all ress
    5400 armor
    55k hp
    5.4% life steal
    278k dps

    I would like to get 600 all ress and 5.8k armor, but this is what I have atm.
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