Life Steal vs life on hit

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    Hey everyone. I have been debating this over and over trying o decide if life steal weapons are worth the price. Why is life steal better? If I have a fast attack speed is loh just as good? If so what attack speed would make loh just as good. Again I know a balance is best but the idea of shelling out 300 mil for a life steal echo is have for me. Any suggestions?

    One last question. What are your guys end game weapons? Thanks for the help everyone
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    They are not as expensive as you think. I picked up my EF for 28m. Its not BIS by any measure, but there's always good deals to be had.

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    Movespeed boots and bracers btw.
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    When you reach endgame where you deal massive amounts of damage, life steal becomes better than life on hit. It may also very well be your best bet to survive against reflectors at that point.
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    You have to be doing 70-80k sheet dps min before LS even becomes viable let alone better.
    I have just under 1100 LOH and it does the trick just fine for me at 60kdps
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    Depends on your class, build and dps.

    Some classes should switch at 50k sheet dps.
    Most classes should switch at 70-80k sheet dps
    A few builds shouldnt switch at all.
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    effective dps on monks is alot higher than the paper dps, so lifesteal becomes viable quite soon, if the mitigation by resist/armor is somewhat proper. with 60k ish dps and +5% lifesteal you are fine enough already.
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    I direct comparison might not be appropriate, get both; LS on weapons and LOH on jewels.

    They are situational too as LS is still effective when SW is up, and in the initial contact with Reflect Damage LOH helps.

    I'm still keep 800 LOH when I now have 3-6% LS on weapons.

    As for end-game weapon and as far as damage is concerned for DW, EF gives the highest damage.

    However, you can only choose 2 out of the 3 stats dex, CD and LS, plus a socket.
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    For a monk Life steal is prefered. Your effective dps is alot higher than your tool dps... From a damage point of view life steal of better, But even more important, your sweeping wind - cyclones cannot proc loh, they they do grant life steal. So my advice for a monk. At around 50k tooltip and upwards.. Life steal is what you want. Its alot better than loh.
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    @Huminator: How much LS would you say equals "X" LOH? I'm at ~70K paper dps in my MF gear, and around 1200 LOH and zero LS.
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    you cant possibly tell your effective dps just from your paper dps, because there is too much unknown factors to consider, if you only know the paper dps. you can only roughly guess you should end up at 400-650k effective dps. lets assume the worse case with 400k and lets say you only got one wep with 2,5% lifesteal.
    so you would get 2k life per second from your lifesteal. so in this case if you got less than 1,67 attacks per second on average, then LS would be better already.
    go punch azmo and time your kills to determine your effective dps.
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    Quote from Gallizhor

    @Huminator: How much LS would you say equals "X" LOH? I'm at ~70K paper dps in my MF gear, and around 1200 LOH and zero LS.

    I personally run an Off-Tank setup with a crit chance, high block rate, shield for Higher MP runs and my paper DPS sits around the same as you. I used to use just a lifesteal weapon and kept my overawe active. But I recently switched to Life on Hit instead and currently have 1700 with 1.9 atk speed, and the difference is noticeable. it allowed me to move up 1 MP level, it makes me more versatile against certain rare packs because my regen is far more consistent and not reliant on whether I landed a crit or whether I activated overawe, or if there is enough mobs around to Lifesteal enough off my sweeping wind procs.

    Ultimately what I noticed is when I run my glass canon build that sits around 155k dps, a Lifesteal weapon did better for me, but when you sit under 100k paper dps, it seems having high enough atk speed with 1500+ life on hit helps more. All depends where you are at in that regard in my opinion.
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    Quote from Gallizhor

    @Huminator: How much LS would you say equals "X" LOH? I'm at ~70K paper dps in my MF gear, and around 1200 LOH and zero LS.

    When got around 60k dps(assuming you use cyclones) or more, toss life steal on both your weapons so you have 5.60-6.00% and forget about life on hit.
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    It's a lil' more complicated than aiming for X "sheet" DPS because that number really doesn't mean anything. It's all about how much damage each attack is doing. A good example is a Barbarian dual-wielding daggers with Frenzy vs a 2H with Hammer of the Ancients. Even as low as 30k DPS, LS starts to become a much better option for the 2Her than LoH. If one of those daggers is replaced with Sever, LS becomes a viable alternative for dual-wielding as well.

    For monks, I've found that if your build allows you to stay in place while attacking, LoH work is great, but the more AoE you have and the more you need to move, the better life steal is.

    You should post your build as that is going to be the largest factor in determining whether or not LS is ideal for you.
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    I duel an echoing fury with 937 LoH and a sword with 2.8 Life Steal. It is a great combo and I advocate for yielding a high LoH and a Life Steal if you have mediocre dps

    I can tank just about anything in MP 10 as long as i keep attacking I dont die (well unless arcane is sent then different story). However, RR, molten and desecrator dont really kill me like i would expect at such a high mp. Things take forever to kill, but it's fun to just survive.

    The echo was kind of expensive though. and the life steal was given to me for cheap.

    bona fortuna
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