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    Sorry for the dumb question and i know theres tons of topics like these but they all seem way out of scale compared to my gaming experience..

    People's solutions are always something like "buy and resell on ah" or "from making a3 runs i usually get 1 legendary per run that i can resell for millions bla bla bla"

    Not gona make a long ass QQ post about how bad my rng is because you've probably read 100s of those before so ill just keep it short: My usual budget to buy items is 200k, i could count with 1 hand the number of times ive seen a 60+ legendary on my inventory (droped by self ofc) since the games launch, my current setup is the following:

    d3/en/profile/SiNi5T3R-2814/hero/114985 (cant post full url yet sry)

    ...what can i do to improve with 1-2hours playtime per day?

    ps: looking for some kewl ppl to play with aswell since every1 i ever met in this game quit already
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    Sure, I'll sell some. How much are you willing to pay...?
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    Quote from SolusCoda

    Sure, I'll sell some. How much are you willing to pay...?

    about this much \_________/
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    Just play the game instead of making up silly topics lol
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    Quote from Foensh

    Just play the game instead of making up silly topics lol

    yes because the 5 seconds it took me to ask for help here are gona hurt my income in game big time. How about the trolls who dont want to help gtfo?
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    U said urself it was a dumb question lol
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    kill fast, move fast, farm areas with high monter and elite density, with high magic find.... and be patient while waiting for big drop...
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    Quote from SiNz

    about this much \_________/


    I looked at your profile and I'd say the easiest and by far the cheapest upgrades are going to be low cost legendaries. You can get inna's set quite cheaply (and with high physical resistance too). I'd get that for the 4 piece set bonus, which will allow you to improve your damage by quite a bit as well as help with spirit management.

    In my opinion, the cheapest way to exponentially increase your damage (though it wont show up on the paper doll dps) will be to use the 4 piece bonus to use your skorn + blinding flash for your sweeping winds snapshot damage, then quickly switch to a cheap eachoing fury (damage isnt as important here, your sweeping winds will do most of the damage, speed is most important) and a low damage, super fast high LoH / LS offhand. You keep the sweeping winds up with the 4 piece inna's bonus easily (maintaining the skorn damage snapshot), and because you are attacking very quickly your cyclones will generate quickly but still be doing skorn damage.

    This is a little known tip that can make a huge difference. My paper damage says I have 70k but I actually pump out 400k+ damage because of this.

    Also, focus on increasing crit chance for the best use of this skorn sweeping winds snapshot damage. I'd also suggest getting some high LoH numbers on your amulet if you find yourself dying often.

    If you need some examples, add me in-game SolusCoda#1302 and I will demonstrate.
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    innas and cheap in same sentence? >

    and although my chest and pants are rare they have quite some substantial stats that will be hard to match unless i go for crazy expensive innas <.

    anyway ty 2 the ppl that actually helped, im good for now because for some reason legendaries stoped droping like mad.. in last 2 days ive goten err.. 7 or so, one of them sold for 21mil. No idea why <.
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    Quote from SiNz

    innas and cheap in same sentence?

    You can easily find starter inna's set items for 5m or less. Some of the good inna's items I'm wearing cost me less than 5m because people don't always price specific resistance items correctly. Since you admit that you don't put much time or money in the game you shouldn't be focusing on top tier inna's items with vit or all res. Those will cost you more than you can afford.

    Just search for inna's with your chosen resist.
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    Ye i can get some crap innas for 5mil, but look at my chest/pants and tell me where can i find an innas that actually upgrades that for 5mil without loosing more then 100 vit per piece?
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