my next gear upgrade.

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    First time posting here but everyone seemed pretty helpful.

    my battle tag is Vanderlamp#1174 (can't post urls)

    Currently I am sitting at 120k~ dps. I have researched a fair few different pieces to upgrade and have about 50m gold to burn through. I was thinking of getting Inna's temperance since it is a pretty massive dps upgrade for me but I am really worried about EH. My current pants are
    100 dex
    163 vit
    41 fire
    67 all resist.
    If i drop these for Inna's I will go to around 560 resist though I think i can afford 130+ vit on inna's temperance.
    I currently sit pretty comfortable in mp5 (outside of reflect damage) even on the ubers. I was just wondering if anyone had thought of where I should focus on for my next upgrade.

    Thanks in advance.
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    U can drop your AR to 450 and go for mp6 like I do. U really don't need more. Go for inna pants and in the future U can easly gain more ress by getting more on bracers, gloves, innas chest or even witching hour. However those next upgrades are very expensive. That's how it is, u can build 100k dps monk for 100mil, but to go from 100k to 150k u need like a damn 1 bil.
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