Gear help needed. 25 mil budget.

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    I've been playing my Monk for a couple of weeks now and I am enjoying it a lot, but I am at the point where I need better gear.

    I followed the TryHard budget monk guide to gear up my Monk, but I am tired of only doing 40k DPS.

    Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

    Edit: My budget is 25 mil or $20.
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    I think you got way too much resist...
    your gear has overall very good resistances stats but very low Dex rolls.
    Try to get pants with 2 sockets so u can get even more Dex from them.

    Try to lower/removing some gear resistance getting more offensive stats instead (down to about 450-490 all res) and check it out.

    If you need some inspiration check my battletag armory in EU, i've got a similar dw monk.
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    get nat ring and boots, will boost your dps some. the 7% crit chance and the atk speed on the ring will help you out nicely. ofc get ring with vita or your chosen resist, all ress will be too expensive. and the boots has base all resist, so if possible get nat boots with dex and vit/single resist, depends if you need resist or vita. Otherwise just get nat boots with high dex for starters
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    Why 466 fire resistance? No need to focus on that.
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    Quote from Tjabapa

    Why 466 fire resistance? No need to focus on that.

    Cause he uses one with all passive i guess. so fire resist is his main single resist. Way too much resist tho, 5-600 @res should be more enough
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    Frank: Why are you wearing that stupid man suit?
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    As already been posted, your resistance is high enough to try like MP7 or so. If you intend to farm MP0, which you should, you could sacrifice some AR and fire resistance with more dps stats. Your health is already very high, exchange the gem in your amulet for a dex one.

    Passive skills:
    On your Breath of Heavens, change the rune to Blazing Wrath and you'll get a dps increase.
    I'd also consider using Blinding Flash since I've heard that the damage you get on your Sweeping Wind is dependant on the damage you have at the time when you activate it. I've read that you're supposed to have Breath of Heavens (Blazing wrath) active, pop blinding flash and then activate Sweeping winds within the 3 seconds to get the max possible out of your Sweeping Winds. When it runs out, you have to re-pop it all.

    Also, during longer fights, pop your mantra when you cap in spirit to get some extra dps.

    I've learned that monk dps is higher than what is displayed if you press C to view your stats.
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    some questions first, because there are various directions the suggestions could go to...

    what you want to do with your monk? you want to XP farm, paragon level fast? want to do ubers? bothered about high MP at all? did you test 2h already and would you consider it?
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    I'd trade in some resist/VIT for DEX/LoH

    3x socket chest and 2x socket pants seems to be the way to go/strive toward.
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    I'd say U should go for a good skorn without lifesteal. I got one with 1370 DPS, 475 dex, 190 CDMG for 25mil, now i guess I'ts cheaper. As long as U have that amount of dex on skorn there would be almost no difference in dps comparing to 1570dps skorn with 300 dex which is probably much more expensive. U can also get inna pants + belt for around 10 mil for crappy ones but with that U can start farming with TR build with ease.

    Now I see that U already bought Nat's stuff so there is no more room for TR build because of too high IAS. With inna pant's It would be even higher.
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