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    Hey all,

    Just looking for some help with my monk, I recently got a few nice drops to sell and came up with a couple extra mil to upgrade my gear.

    Decided on some new weps / nat boots (used to only have 90dex) / vile ward.

    Anyhoos not the point! I used to have 2x weps ~850-900dps, fist/sword, both with life steal and overall dps of about 80-85k unbuffed, since going to what I have now, only 1 LS wep I have been struggling big time, not just against reflect/elec elites (although they do eat me up) but everything...

    I am at 106k dps now 596~ res all and 5200~ armour and I feel like I am just getting smashed by everything. Doing MP5-6 for key runs.

    Any help would be great, do I add more LS/LOH or res/armour? I dont mind loosing out on some dps if I dont die as much.


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    Sorry cant post my char yet, as cant post links, also have 2.2% lifesteal

    battle tag is wayno#1224
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    I Honestly think you need more all resist for mp5.
    I double stack my resist i have half your dps and I can still do mp5 just fine for key farming.
    I personally have 981 all resist and 5k armour.
    I'm not saying you need that much just that 's how much certainly your higher dps will allow you to kill stuff faster than I can.
    Also i have no experience with LS my dps isn't high enough to make it viable so I run with 1100LOH 1.7ish APS.
    I would probably start with your bracers. if you drop the armour in favour of all resist you get a total of 140 combined resist and they're not super expensive. Armour is a nice stat don't get me wrong but 220 armour is only equivalent to 22all resist.
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    2,2% lifeleech is just bad. It converts only into 0,44% after infernal penalty. So 3 things i would upgrade asap.

    - Your vile wards

    Sure the dex roll is decent but they lack either vit or %life which is realy bad cuz you are already kinda low on health

    - Your gloves

    Trifactor sounds nice on paper BUT yours gettin outperformed by some with 10% cc and +40% ccd. So get gloves with similar dex count, vit, single res or all res,10% cc and approx 40% ccd roll

    - Your offhand

    TBH your current offhand is meh. Its nice for paperdoll dps but thats it. A decent offhand(sword, dagger or fist) with like +700dps, 3% lifeleech, +800loh, +60% ccd and open socket will get you a bit lower sheet dps but if you play the spec proper(activate sw when mainhand is activ) you wont notice a big difference in dmg output/killspeed anyways...

    See it this way:

    Like 50% of your dmg coming from cyclones and from the 2nd 50% only 50% is done with your offhand. So its like 25% of the dmg total is offhand dmg...Just learn to pay attention which is your current activ wep and make sure you pop sw AFTER gettin buffed from boh and bf...
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    Thanks guys for the help, yeah thought the LS was a bit on the low side, will try and get a new wep asap, just need to save up a few $$$ first. Then will get the other things as well.

    Is there an easy way to tell which hand you are on? I Didnt even know about it till I read it on here!!
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    Was also thinking about loosing my nat set, ring at first, for a dex/vit/CC/Fire res and with some sorta combo of CD/ias/LoH will only be loosing out on 3-4% CC but will make up for it in other area's, this a good idea to go for when I can afford it?
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    Loosing 3 or 4% cc is alot in terms of gettin those cyclones out. I would upgrade other things first and then might think about either drop nats 2pc at all or just get better nats pieces.
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