Life Leech and monks?

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    Talking with a friend who plays barb, he said that he can survive ato mp8-9-10 thanks to life leech. After some numbers and maths operations, I realized that I need this stat on my monk. Am I wrong? Should I go for life leech or not? Help pls :V
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    Doesn't hurt to stack both, which is what I do :cheers:

    1,726 life on hit, 5.3% life steal. Om nom nom.

    But my EHP sucks as a monk.
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    I got 2.9% LL and 0 LoH, and i do just fine on MP10 Ubers :)

    If my life goes down, it goes up insatantly again - i do want 2.5-3% more though, because reflect damage is a bitch xD

    118k unbuffed sheet dps.
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    I've got 4.9% Life Steal. 13500 healing pr second :D Gotta love it.

    So yes, go for it. LoH on amulet is ok, but never ever go for LoH on weapons. They have few stats and those should always be high dmg, socket, life steal and dex.
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    Depends on what you are doing, really. I run with 2.5% lifesteal, which does suffice for up to MP7 for me (except for reflect mobs). If you are farming items or xp, you will probably do that on MP0 or 1, then you should only need some pickup radius. For ubers up to mp7, I equip an amulet with 950 LoH, for higher monster powers you might need more recovery. But yeah, if your dps exeeds 100k, lifesteal is definitely the way to go.
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