Attack Speed glitch?

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    Solved. My dumb mistake. :facepalm:

    I bought a new weapon with a greater base attacks per second than my previous weapon AND it had +11% IAS, and for some reason my attacks per second are messed up.

    The attacks per second in the "Details" tab, fluctuates between 1.62 and 2.09 while attacking. It changes after every hit. Ex. So out of the 3 hits (1 cycle) of Fists of Thunder (FoT) (and vica versa):
    - Hit 1 of 3 = 1.62
    - Hit 2 of 3 = 2.09
    - Hit 3 of 3 = 1.62

    And it will stay at either 1.62 or 2.09 if i stop attacking.

    I've also "counted", actually more like hearing the rhythm of 3 successive FoT hits with both old and new weapons, and it takes almost exactly the same time to complete the 3 hit cycle. With the new weapon it might be a bit faster but definitely not as fast as 2.09 attacks per second.

    The problem might lay with my understanding of IAS/attacks per second, or something is actually wrong. Sorry for all the screenshots, but it explains it a lot better.

    Old weapon:

    Old weapon Attacks per second:

    New weapon:

    New weapon Attacks per second while standing still after 1 hit (1.62 or 2.09):

    Fluctuations between 1.62 - 2.09 while attacking:

    So any idea why this is happening?


    Edit: My bad, figured it out, both my old weapons had the same base AS and with the new one with an higher AS it fluctuates between the 2 weapons. Noob error sorry.
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    1.62 with 1 wep and 2.09 with 2nd, facepalm
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    You are dual-wielding, it alternates between the individual attacks per second for both weapons. It didn't do that for your old weapon, because your weapons had the same speed.
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    Yeah major facepalm indeed :facepalm:

    Please close this thread before I embarrass myself even more :S
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    haha don't sweat it man - we've all wondered this at some point...
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