Gear Upgrade

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    This is my monk :
    He does well in mp5, but I feel it's a little bit squishy. How should I procede to improve him ?
    I can spend up to 34M .
    Thanks D=
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    If you are feeling like you lack defense, I would suggest finding an inna's chest with lightning resist, as well as improving your bracer all resistance / lightning resist.

    You can also probably find a nat's ring or nat's boots with lightning resist on it as well.

    If you are looking for more damage, get a witching hour belt since you aren't going for the 4 piece inna's.
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    I did a few tweaks, got a new vile ward and bracers, I now have around 670 resistances and 34k hp, while maintaining 101k dps with the breath. Should be better now ^.^.
    Thanks for the tips.
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