Trying to reach 100k Dps as dual wield.

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    Hey Everyone,

    I'm currently trying to push 100k dps on my monk. I currently have 86k DPS and looking at areas to improve.

    Now rings aside (constantly farming ubers for a better hellfire and i'm still saving for a 5%+ crit chance nats ring) I'm looking for areas of improvement. Bracers seem to be the only glaring item that needs immediate update. I already have a very effective EHP set that sits me on 75k~ DPS unbuffed so please don't be critical of my defensive stats, as i have different sets of gear for different purpouses. Without sacrificing too much (i'm willing to drop a reasonable amount), how can i reach my goal?
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    I just recently rerolled monk - you can take a look at how my setup is, and if theres any inspiration to get

    I'm running 115,9k unbuffed DPS atm (no follower)

    And even i, got some pretty obvious upgrades to make (better nat's ring, get witching hour, chance helmet to mempo with crit, get Inna's chest with 200+ vit, etc, etc, etc)

    Hope it maybe helps :)
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    After doing a quick check, if i replace my current rare ring with a nats with 9% ias 5% cc and 85 dex, it will boost me to 96k dps, So i think its just a matter of boosting my bracers with some more dex and higher CC, maybe even crit lacunis if i can afford it eventually.
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    Get an echoing fury with a socket
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    Your weapons drag you down quite a bit, from a potential 400% critdamage you only use 100. I am pretty sure, your dps would improve quite a bit, if you use 2 800+ dps, 100+ dex, 80+ critdamage + socket weapons instead, which are fairly cheap. If you want to stick to Echoing Fury, at least get a socket, add critdamage if you can afford it.

    Also, you don't need that much LoH, I suggest to get lifesteal on one weapon instead. If you feel you still need it, a high LoH amulet can do the trick as well.
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