Where do I start for upgrades?

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    I spent like 2 hours looking at the AH today and everything that would give me more DPS like 6% crit bracers with loads of dex or a high Dex Vile Ward would kill my HP and also my resists. I can probably get a little more average damage and crit chance along with some dex on my Ammy but thats probably the cheapest and Im still looking at 10-15 mil at least. I could also drop my Inna Legs for something with 200+ vit and 75 resists which would let me upgrade my bracer and shoulders easier but I would lose my set bonus that I need for refreshing Sweeping Wind. Am I at the point where anything thats an upgrade is going to cost an arm and a leg?

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    You're sitting at 110k+ dps? And any upgrade will not cheap any more.

    The bracer can still be improved, +1 or 2 CC, 100+ dex, vit and physical resist if you use OWE, 5-10M; AR is more expensive.

    The amulet is not bad, but it can still be improved by adding dex and damage, about 10M.

    NAT ring obviously, but this is costly.

    I can't see your weapons and other pieces.
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