Getting Rid of Resistances

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    I don't really do mp10 because I hardly ever farm ubers (and when I do I play with a CM wizard so the damage the ubers do is virtually zero) but I have done them solo once just to see if I could; At 200k~ DPS with 0 LoH and 3% lifesteal with avg 2.7~ attacks per second your return is retarded, unless I get literally one shot I can't die ever while doing ubers (certain elite packs are a different story) and even with 550 resists and shy of 40k HP that doesn't happen at all unless you get super unlucky with say, butterflies + c-walk on magda and skeleton king.

    For farming mp 1-2 my DPS drops a lot but my HP goes up a bit so the EHP is about the same.
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    I been farming MP 0-1 for exp and legendaries. Currently have 510 resists how low can I drop those so I can add more DPS to make my runs faster? Have 115k Damage unbuffed with 36k health and a 5.6 LS Skorn.
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