Getting rid of Breath and Blind?

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    As the title suggests i would love to try getting rid of Breath of Heaven and Blinding Flash. The reason why is that i only use them as buffers for my sweeping wind, and nothing else. Although the blind can be great in some situations i rarely use it, cause i just run away with tempestrush.

    Currently i have been looking at some profiles for some inspiration and i stumpled across some people using combination stirke while using Deadly Reach - Foresight + Fot - Thunderclap.
    Combinationstrike gives 16% damage, while Foresight gives 18% on the third hit.

    But how is this calculated? is it a straight 34% increase or do i get the 16% first, and then gives me an additional 18% of my total?
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    Flat 34%

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    Personally I use combination strike for the extra dmg

    FoT - Thunderclap in combination with WotHF - Blazing fists, which gives you (when doing a crit hit) max 3 stacks of 5% attackspeed and movement with a max total of 15% attackspeed which stays for about a few seconds. It's fun to play and together with sweeping wind its fast as hell at killing groups of monsters :)
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    So you want to get rid of a constant 15% dmg buff for a not-so constant 16% dmg buff?
    Sure, I can see your reasoning for blinding flash, but breath of heaven?
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    if you are using the standard-sweeping wind build, your approach is sadly worse.

    you have to use deadly reach really often for combination strike (which is worse than FoT), you cant really time your 3rd hit with dual wield and it gives less SW-dps than blind + SW. if you are farming fast, SW wont drop that often (less than 15s blind-cd), so there's no reason dropping blind, since you (atleast i do) use it as burst on champs/rares.

    your char-screen dps goes up but your dps will go down. it doesnt increasy your effectiveness and is far more stressful.

    if you want to change your build, that's sadly not the way to go i think. if you want to farm low-monsterpower, you can drop the heal for tempest rush/tailwind, which is awesome. just get 2+ spirit-reg on your inna's helm and sprint between packs :) that's fun.
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    ya either way you go you're losing damage from breath and blind's runes
    if anything once you have enough survivability replace serenity with deadly reach foresight and then you can use combination strike if you really want to
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    Personally, I dropped blind and kept breath for my build. breath is a 100% uptime massive damage increase, as well as acting as a reliable survival tool. You really can't ask for more from a single ability.
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