What do I need to upgrade to faceroll MP2-3

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    Dont have much gold yet because RNG hates me. But when I finally sell something for more than 100k what should I look to upgrade first? Right now been farming Act 3 on MP0 because I pretty much 1 shot everything with Tempest Rush. Tried going up to 2 and it just wasnt as fast because I could no longer 1 shot everything, therefore less efficient. So what do I do need to do to make MP 2-3 just as faceroll as MP0? Or should I just stick to MP0? Are the drops better in higher MPs? Havent played since GW2 came out so not really familiar with MP levels yet other than mobs are harder.

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    I can't see your problem, and you should be fine with your present setup farming at low MP levels.

    There is a long discussion on TR farming at low MP level in this forum, take a look.

    You're not going to do any meaningful upgrade with 100k, and in case you want to move up MP level, get some LOH on the amulet and/or rings, you shouldn't have much problem with 100k+ dps along with LS+LOH.
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    Is there any reason to do higher MPs for loot or exp anyways?
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    No not really. You need to find the highest MP level where you pretty much 1-shot everything becuase what it's about is efficiency. Ofc sometimes you might feel you need some change and try a challange or something but it has been proven that if what you want is XP and legendaries then go on lower MPs and kill fast.
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