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    hey all - i've been playing my monk for the first time in quite a while. i've been using the standard skills:
    breath of light
    mantra of retribution
    sweeping wind
    force field (i forget the name)

    i dont really like blinding flash or tempest rush. what do you suggest i use as my final skill?
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    I ran for a very long time with Seven-Sided Strike - Sudden Assault. It provides another ability to get out of bad stuff and can lash out some great damage when used on one or two targets.

    Lately though, I switched to Exploding Palm - The Flesh is Weak. The damage that the explosion does really shines as you start ramping up the MP levels (since it's based on their max health). For elites, I'll focus on one of them putting up EP on it. I'll let TC and SW aoe the others and many times when I kill the one I'm focusing the others are very close to dead if not outright killed from the EP explosion.
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    for max dps, use combination strike with FoT and deadly reach (18%) increase dmg rune

    then breath of heaven for 15% more dmg increase, mantra of conviction overhaw for 48% more dmg taken for enemy

    sweeping wind cyclone and serenity
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    A couple of my favorites are unconventional by this web site's standards:

    1 - My primary attack is Crippling Wave / Mangle. I tried FoT, but drove me nuts to only hit one target at a time while the others smacked me around.
    2 - Wave of Light / Explosive Light. This is my secondary (right mouse) attack. It does a pretty good job of clearing a mob so you can focus on the elites.
    3 - Breath of Heaven / Penitent Flame. Fear is not popular here, but when I'm toe-to-toe with an elite and health is wearing down, I find it hard to effectively change course to go after a health globe. I usually end up getting hit worse. Instead, this skill fears the elite, and 8/10 times, there's a globe right behind them, that I end up getting as they run away, with me in pursuit. (I have no extended pickup radius, which is a PITA).
    4 - I use Sweeping Wind w/ Blade Storm in lieu of Cyclone, because my Crit. Hit chance is only around 17%, and therefore don't spawn enough cyclones to realize its real benefit.

    Serenity / Ascension is one I didn't use before seeing its recommendation and I've really come to like it. Especially when you are standing in a puddle of molten, or you see some frozen coming on. I think this one's pretty standard, as is Mantra of Convention / Overawe.

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    dashing strike with run speed rune is my current favorite
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    Quote from thundersteele

    dashing strike with run speed rune is my current favorite

    Until you get stuck in a corner.
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    Quote from Jaetch

    Until you get stuck in a corner.

    Happened once so far, and it's not so bad because then I get to msg my whole friend list about how I just got stuck ;)
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    Didn't one of the Dashing Strike's put you on the other side of the monster you target? I never got stuck using it - in fact, it was my escape route, but I found other stuff (above) more useful.
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    I'm a big fan of both skills that you don't like (especially tempest rush), so I'll have to throw my vote in for SSS as third best alternative. Having a good escape mechanism has saved my life many many times.
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    while we are at this, I am thinking if there are any other viable FoT runes other than thunderclap,
    perhaps the last rune (bounded light 73% more dmg every 3 attacks)? or the (quickening) that give you extra spirit on crit, so MoC can be spammed more often?
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    Well, whatever you like, really, but here is what i use:

    Almost same setup as you,

    For solo play/farming my setup is;

    SSS - Fulminating Onslaught or Cyclone Strike - Implosion (SSS for higher MP farming and Cyclone Strike for lower MP farming)
    Sweeping Winds - Cyclone
    Mantra of Conviction - Overawe
    Serenty - Ascencion
    FoT - Thunderclap
    Blinding Flash - Faith in the Light

    For MP10 ubers group-play, i use the following:
    Exploding Palm - Flesh the weak
    Sweeping Winds - Cyclone
    Mantra of Retribution - Transgression (got another monk in group that uses MoC - Overawe)
    Serenity - Ascencion
    FoT - Thunderclap
    Blinding Flash - Faith in the Light
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