Help improving my monk :)

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    Hey guys I was just looking for some help improving my monk really.
    I can comfortably farm mp3 as above then my 65k dps doesn't really make the farming efficient.
    So just looking for some helpful insight into improving my monk.
    I play on EU and I only have like 25m to play with which sucks but there you go hehe.
    All help is appreciated thanks.

    Profile link.
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    Get 2 1 handers, 1 with a decent ammount of life on hit, high dex, a socket and possibly crit damage, the 2nd one go for high dex socket and crit damage, choose a single resistance to stack (you have items with different resists types), change your leg armor aim for double resist (all resist, resist that you chose to stack) 2 sockets high vitality and dex, same goes for chest but with 3 sockets. Since you have an innas helm try getting a 2nd piece after you change some of your gear, get average damage on rings and amulets it helps a lot, your amulet needs another dps stat only 7.5 crit is not enough. Same goes for gloves
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    Yea I was trying to go this route it's just playing the games of AH is the problem scouring for hours to try and find the right gear that isn't insanely overpriced. I mean just getting a 900dps+ wep with a socket and just crit damage seems to be rather expensive right not let alone a one with all of them and dex so yea. As for resistances I was going for arcane but then forgot and just got what I could cheap and here I am hehe. I mean my weap may not be amazing but it's really good seeing as I only paid 100k for it and i've had it for the past 2 months. Then of course there's farming for upgrades which is more farming to sell stuff to get money to buy the actual stuff you need.
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    I was able to get a 1029dps 1 hander with 130dex 925 LoH and 2.50 life steal so i'm currently looking for another 1h with crit and a socket as it seems losing the 193% crit damage will do more harm than good if I replace with crap. But yea working on the gear. What about skills aswell I mean should I have more dps skills in my rotation? As atm it's pop Seven sided strike on champ packs them auto attack/survive till it comes off CD but i've had this playstyle since 50 really and I only ever die to the really nasty affixes. All input is good :)
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    Use sweeping wind with the cyclone rune, drop earth ally. If you feel mobs are hitting you too hard, replace chant of resonance with resolve and change the rune on mantra of evasion to hard target. I`d also suggest using another spirit generator, fist of thunder with the thunderclap is a good choice, way of a hundred fists with fists of fury, deadly reach with keen eye for the armor buff or foresight for more dps
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    Thanks for the advice it's greatly appreciated :)
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