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    Hi, im new here. Took me a bit to figure out how to recover my curse password from using ti way back. I have some questions about the monk that I havent really been able to get a clear answer on.

    My id is Forloof#1120 so that there is a reference.

    I have a 750 dps sword and a 830 dps axe, does it matter which hand they are in ?


    On higher mps 8-10 i like to grp mobs up but sometimes if i get completely encircled (spl) i get alsmot dodge spammed and get whalloped pretty good. Illusiion dune dervish's and small mobs like spiders and the crawlers down in the bottm of a3 have done it.

    Hopefuly someone has some insight on this. TY !
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    Regarding your second question (it wasn't really a question), all I can say is: it has happened to me as well. I'm not sure what you're asking for, though. If it's a way to avoid it, I know of only one: don't get swarmed like that :)
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    was just wondering if it was a mechanic that i was missing because i dodge so much and cant do anything. I can fot my way out most of the time. Just interested if there was something more then "You've been swamp'd."

    As for the weapon question I understand that when i use blind it use the current weapon activated to ramp my dmg. I just wondered if having a faster weapon had any effects i should be aware of.

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    In D2, you could also get 'dodge-locked' or 'hit recovery-locked' if you got swarmed. It's a pain, but I think there isn't really a solution to it. When I see it happen, I usually just think "oh no...." and try to escape by any means. Sometimes it works, sometimes I die :)

    Sorry, I can't help you with the weapon question; I'm not too knowledgeable on the monk dual-wield mechanics.
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    awesome thanks for the help
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    I think you'll just have to be on your toes and try not to be completely surrounded by loads and loads of small mobs. But I understand the temptation to just stand there and wail away, chinese kung fu action movie style.
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    Usually higher DPS weapon on MH as some skills are based on MH, such as SSS, WoL and Cyclones.

    Question 2:

    Try not to be swarmed. If you have high DPS+LS, you like being swarmed; if not try to use TR or SSS to break through.
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