Best Invulnerable Monk Build?

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    this is just an idea that i guess every body says isnt viable at all so if it works for you and you like it use it if it doesnt take advice from the pros on here cause im just a noob.

    the skill set!UdX!ZcZaYc
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    That's way too defensive, you're better off doing more damage and killing things faster.

    And with the amount of money you spent on that gear, you could have closer to 100k DPS.
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    pretty low health for anything to call it invulnerable
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    way too defensive? umm thats the idea here my friend.... well this build wont affect anyone elses dps unless they are using skills with dmg bonuses.... and as far as my health goes i know its low but im not dieing... thats the point

    we cant all be dps heros some of us like to stay alive

    the gear i have doesnt matter all you need is all res/res stack and loh/life steal which 99.9% of monks have. you dont even need crit chance you could use another sweeping wind....

    but like i said please post your suggestions bashing my IDEA is going to get you no where
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    I would ask what good does this build theory do?

    Nobody wants a pure tank with them for high MP keyruns/Ubers etc.

    There's nothing worse for the party demographic than the guy that simply stays alive while smacking Ubers with his nerf bat.

    As is usually the best idea for all classes, finding that middle ground is ideal.

    I only deal 76k unbuffed but I farm MP6 solo quite quickly and I do my share of DPS in party play while staying upright. I had my DPS higher at one point but budget constraints led me to solving my survivability issues by taking a DPS cut.
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    Quote from ruksak

    I would ask what good does this build theory do?

    i think it keeps you alive.... some people have a hard time staying alive so this is basically for them....
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    Quote from dao72785

    Quote from ruksak

    I would ask what good does this build theory do?

    i think it keeps you alive.... some people have a hard time staying alive so this is basically for them....

    I understand this but...your OP was in reference to high MP viability. Low-end damage will get you killed on MP6+.

    I see several gear choices you could make that would increase your survivability while allowing some of your skill slots to be freed for DPS embellishment.

    People often do not talk about finding gear with enhanced armor as they should. This would help you free yourself the burden of Evasion Mantra and allow the use of the stunning, near 100% up-time 48% Damage buff from Overawe. When I bought gear I tried to find gear with bonus armor. With STI, I stand at 5657 armor, which allows me to take quite a punch.

    IAS is also quite low in your build. IAS allows for a much more efficient return on life regain properties like LS and LoH. i.e. the more you hit per second, the more you recoup via these properties. Again, IAS gear choices bring survivability freeing skill slots for damage.

    Quickly dispatching packs is key to staying alive in many situations. Keep in mind I am not a DPS whore and my budget has been quite low. My DPS is very much unimpressive at only 77k-ish, but I get much out of it from a 2.3 APS ratio.
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    Speed is safety. The faster you kill monsters, the less time they spend doing damage to you. Also, you will gain more experience and find more items, which is the objective of the game for most players.
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    ya i guess this was a pretty stupid idea o well

    i really should stop posting on these forums cause i have no clue about this game i guess... every body else is so much smarter then me and better :/ keep up the good work guys!
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    Could you possibly whine any more? You posted a build...noone liked it. Move on and continue trying other things. You don't need internet fame to contribute to the community...just avoid being the village idiot.
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    If you're having a hard time staying alive you need to A: reorganize your gear because your lacking resist/LS/LOH/HP or B, lower your monster power because your GEAR is not ready for that content. You want your avoidance to come from your gear that you wear, not from passives and talents/runes.
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    That is, quite literally, one of the worst builds I've ever seen. I can't even sugar coat it after how whiny you were. Just shit skill choices, kid.

    Why use breath of heaven at all if you're not going to get the 15% dps buff? It heals like half as much as a potion, so if you have 850+ loh and anywhere near 2 attacks/second, you should be fine without healing much at all. That was just the first and most obvious error. The rest were at least kind of thought out, though still poor in practice.

    Theorycrafting is fine. No one faults you for that. Acting like a twat when people tell you it's not viable, on the other hand, is childish and makes you look like a miserable baby. Don't do that. Moving on...
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