Help gearing my badass monk!

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    This badass guy over here is my monk
    I change my main weapon with this won khim lau I lost like 3k dps and life steal 2.8.

    Currently I dont have any money at all; I am trying to sell some stuffs but in the worst situation I will buy like 20-30mil gold to gear my monk.
    I wanna be in like 70k dps with the survivality that I have right now.

    My gold right now is: 64k (true story)
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    Pls guys :( tell me what upgrade first!
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    With 64k you aren't upgrading anything. But start by Getting a 2 piece Innas, go with the belt. It will be the cheapest solid upgrade for you.
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    Your gear are not bad.

    But we do need gold to upgrade, even though we can farm we still have to sell items at AH to buy what we want most.

    You need higher dex and CC to achieve 70+ DPS, whcih is indeed not hard to get to from what you are now.

    You might start by getting an INNA belt as suggested above, which can add 130 dex as a 2-piece bonus.
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    Thanks for that I am hearing a lot of sugestions (in battle net forum) of get rid of my set and get the INNA Belt , I am trying to get some gold but its getting hard at the moment but at least now I can just think or have in mind what to buy first (Inna belt).
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