Not sure what to upgrade next

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    current budget is around 15 mil

    I've geared up quite a bit past few days and now I've come to the point where upgrades are gonna cost tens of millions but I find it so hard to pick what to upgrade next.

    I've mainly been looking for:

    - A new pair of Lacuni prowlers with crit chance on them
    - New rings, I might get the hellfire ring this week but farming the keys is mind blowingly boring and they're not that amazing either with 4 random properties, been looking for a natalyas or Unity ring but if you want CRD or AS ontop of the default stats you'll pay 50 mil+ easily

    Been trying to snipe a good rolled Stone of Jordan aswell but as soon as it gets + lightning damage prices skyrocket.

    - A new echoing fury, but trying to find one with dex, crit damage a socket and 1100+ dps is gonna cost loads aswell.
    - A good pair of Ice climbers, was saving for those but was able to pick up these vile wards for what seemed a fair price to me ( 26 mil)

    So which of these should I prioritise?
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    Quote from Faesrollvtwo
    i've geared up quite a bit past few days and now I've come to the point where upgrades are gonna cost tens of millions but I find it so hard to pick what to upgrade next.

    We all get to that point and it doesn't really matter where you go from there, it's always expensive.

    - ugrading priority: belt/shoulder (either missing stats or resist) looks rather cheap compared to grabbing Lacuni with crit (and stats).
    - i'm not a fan of SoJ, as a monk we regulary have no problem with elites in particular justifying increasing our time spent slaying trash instead. Especially if you're not into farming ubers 24/7.
    - an echoing fury with your desired stats is way out of your league, i'd upgrade the weapon gems to 100% to start with. It's only an 20% crit damage boost but it will last you forever.
    - instead of attack speed you can look for higher average damage on jewelry, it adds a good amount of damage and isn't considered worthwhile for demonhunters (=prices are noticeable lower)
    - a nats ring is only interesting if you pair it up with boots for the set bonus but that ring without offering crit chance already is just expensive, any rare ring with 6% crit chance can regulary compete
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    Already picked up a pair of Vile wards earlier with 189 dex, 79 vit, 128 resistance combined, 261 armor and some Life p/s so I guess I'll upgrade my belt and rings next, but what should I replace my belt with? I genuinely can't afford a witching hour and i'd only gain a small bit of Dexterity upgrading it with a different rare beside some vitality which I don't really need atm.

    I'm probably getting a hellfire ring one of these days so I'll try to upgrade one of my rings and after that save for a good echoing fury I guess.

    Since I'm mainly farming MP2 your point about the stone of jordan is good, stuff dies absurdly fast already and I'm not actively killing Uber bosses so it's not that helpful.

    Thanks for the help appreciate it a lot!
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    Small update, have around 50 mil budget now, got lucky doing keyruns yday.

    Upgraded my ring before that already gave me a 5.6k dps upgrade and armory still hasn't updated my shoulders either. Either way gonna aim for a 1100+ Echoing fury now.
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    Stupid question: what is "farming keys?" I watched a tutorial on how to get there, but he never actually got to the key part. Sorry for the noob quesiton

    NM... I found it...
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