20mil to pimp my Monk. Any suggestions on where to start?

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    Here is my profile: us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Hiwashi-1521/hero/769

    I honestly felt like my gear would be enough to do MP3+ easily, but I am having a hard time farming keys on MP2 ( 5+ Deaths per run ). Act 3 seems to be easier overall, but some mobs in Act 2 and 1 kick my ass, especially anything motel/reflect.

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    definatly replace your helm with innas radiance, more dex, and a socket. pretty cheap now Get one with alot of vitality.

    then also get inna's pants, but you'll need to choose resist or vitalty gain here If u can gain more vitality on another piece, together with the vit on your head,u should be about the same, and then u could get resist on your pants

    head and pants together should boost u 10k+

    also your amulet is very bad. a really good amulet can boost u 10k+.

    u gonna need more money....but u wanne get innas head and pants, a better amulet and get a mainhand with lifesteal on it, even getting one without socket but with crit damage on it.

    if u have innas pants, i would also say to get boots with movement speed and change to fleetfooted your last skill. U will have 34% movement speed and this will help alot for survival. Moving fast just keeps u alive better.

    besides that everyone gets owned by relfect damage, so just play it safe and dont kill yourself. but mostly your damage is not high enough and your health is low. If u had more damage then health woulnt be that much a problem

    also looking into a butcher sickle for an offhand for 15mill u can get one with 150 dex crit damage lifesteal and socket. thats more a sidegrade
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    (for lazy clickers ;)

    as deadlybonne said, the 2set inna's would boost your dps. don't drop survival and pls post your overall resists :)
    for the 2set, get a helm (decent vita, 6% crit, arcane resist should be ~3mio? my helm was 3mio, if you want to compare). the 2nd item would be inna's pants, which really hurt your survival, so prepare for them first. you can double your resists on shoulders (mb like mine, you'll have to cut 20-30 dex there maybe). the pants are worth it, ultimately. movespeed, attackspeed, some dex and a little survival are affordable (survival is expensive... watch mine, they are bad but i build my equipment around them)
    this will get you a lot of dps :)

    get pickup radius and globeheal to support "auto"-healing while killing stuff. 7yard / 5000heal will help.

    you'r goal should not be (at first) to push your monster-power higher but to make farming faster. monsterpower is irrelevant, if you can't farm it fast. farming 2-3 is enough right now, just push that to be more effective to farm more right now. i double your dps and i'm farming monster power 3, just because its fast :)
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    I would start with

    Helm: get Inna's radiance (they are almost free now, if you aren't looking for top rolls)
    Pants: Inna's Temperance will net you a huge dps boost. They aren't good for your defense, but you seem to have enough resist. They'll cost 9m+ (again, the top rolls are 60-100m).
    Amulet: Yours isn't bad, but you need more crit chance to spawn cyclones. I would look for an amulet with 7+ crit to start with.

    I have both inna's temperance and a good amulet for sale, so feel free to add me. I'll be on later tonight. Even if I don't sell you anything, I'll gladly help you find upgrades :)


    It took me awhile to see you're on US and I'm on EU.. Nvm my trade suggestion ;)
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